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Long time no see...

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[INDENT][FONT="Century Gothic"]After almost 2 months of not playing I am happy to say I am back!

Q. Why did I leave?
A. Because I was having problems. Each time I would click 'Play' (w/e button it is) The game would just freeze up and I was to lazy to figure out what was going on so I just left out of Laziness. So if anyone can help, please do!

So as I logged on Central I first went to check out my 2 favorite topics, Lets talk Graphics and Elite Authors of Wizard101. I found out Graphics closed, which is sad. Then I went and checked to see Elite and it was open, then closed, yet open again. I'm a little confused but won't ask why, just glad it's still here. Cause if it wasn't I probably wouldn't be posting this blog post xD

Anyways, now letz talk about Wizard101.

I am happy to find new updates have updated...I don't care if it doesn't make since, I'm still writing it like that.
-Ice Elf Pet
-Wizard101 gaming site/codes
-Giftcard Bundle[/INDENT]

So I'm hoping to check those out soon, but in the mean time I would like to say Hi to all of my Long time no see friends.

PS: If someone could help with the freezing problems I would very much appreciate it. =)[/FONT][/INDENT]

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