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Wizard Weekly Issue 21

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In this issue:
Catalina's Conundrum: Thought Processes Behind a Feline Wizard
Please Do Not Disturb: How Clarity Aids You In Your Magic
Medic!: What Are The Best Times To Heal A Wizard?
Catalina's Conundrum: Thought Processes Behind a Feline Wizard
A recent tour of Marleybone brought me face to face with Catalina Meowry-O'Leary again. She had been crying recently and I wasn't sure why. Things seemed to have quieted down around here of late, thankfully. Well, there were still some problems but at the very least not as much as there were. So, we took a spot next to the fountain in Hyde Park. I had a pint of milk with me and asked her to tell me what was on her mind. It took her a few moments, and some swigs of milk, before she could talk to me.
There was a certain Ice wizard roaming the streets of Marleybone that had been wandering around there for some time now. This wizard claims to be very strong in the ways of magic and has some excellent background. However, this wizard consistently finds herself unable to complete certain tasks. When I asked why, she said that none of her friends were around to help her. However, that was only part of what made Cat upset.
The other half was that she had witnessed first hand how this Ice wizard performs in a duel. After some explaining and probing, I learned that this wizard's strategy had a few things I found strange. First, she will wait to get an extra pip before casting her desired spell. For example, if this wizard wanted to cast Frostbite, she would wait until she has six pips when the spell only requires five. Next, she gets upset when she can't cast her spell when someone is dueling with her when she selects her spell first. Third, regardless of whom is duelling with her, she insists that everyone else pass when she is casting a powerful spell. A side point Cat explained was this wizard did not have many friends that worked with her. Finally, during her duels, she believes she will heal herself with about 1,400 life left.
So, I'm going to tell you exactly the same things that I told Cat. In terms of being alone in Marleybone, I agree with Cat that being alone in Marleybone isn't always the best idea. Some things can be handled by a solo wizard, but others like Big Ben and its counterweights most certainly should not be. In terms of this wizard's strategy, however, I do have several points that need to be addressed. So, if the Ice wizard that Cat was talking about ever reads this (and I know that you will), here is what I have to say to you in regards to your strategy:
In regards to your extra pip, there are two drawbacks to this. One of them, obviously, is giving your opponent the opportunity to attack again and, thusly, causing you damage. This connects to your healing strategy and, should you choose to heal first at 1,400 hit points, it costs you two pips whether these pips are power pips or not, which leads me to the second drawback. As an Ice wizard, your power pips only apply to your school of Focus. In your case, ice. So, if you use the two pips to heal, you might not have enough pips to cast the attack spell, you'll wait, get injured, and the cycle can repeat.
There is no need for you to get upset when another wizard casts his spell first before you do. A way to circumvent this strategy is to wait the other wizard out to see what he or she is going to do. Remember, you are a TEAM when you are duelling together. It is not YOU and another wizard. Regardless of the number, you need to work as a team. Each team works differently, but it is a general rule that you wait until the wizard in the position before you makes his/her move before you do. You can then use your magic to support him/her more effectively. If he/she is taking too long, it's a good idea to think of a backup plan of what to cast if they do not make any move. A rule of thumb I use is waiting until the countdown reaches five (5) before making my move first.
With that said, it also addresses the side point that Cat had made. If you don't have many friends to work with, consider the times that you are usually working in the Spiral. If you are a morning or afternoon wizard and you go on during the late night, which is usually my time, of course your friends most likely will not be on. Since you are unable to control your friends' schedules, perhaps it's best for you to go on during your regular time or try to make friends during the night.
As to your telling everyone to pass when you are casting a powerful spell, let me be crystal clear on this point. Having everyone else pass while you cast your spell is NOT the best option. The reasons for this are numerous, so I will only give a brief statement to a few of them. The possibility of a fizzle, if your target is shielding against your spell type, when another wizard could set a blade or trap to assist you, a teammate that could heal or shield... these are all reasons not to have everyone else pass. Now, I've been in situations where I was told to pass. I was very flat and told him, "Negative." I said that because there were other priorities that my other wizard either failed to notice or did not care. I took the opportunities I needed to and we were successful. He came to see my point.
I have made a special section in this week's issue for times to heal. Though this section is geared mostly for theurgists (Life wizards), I'd recommend everyone have a look at. This could prove to be beneficial not only to yourselves but to your team in terms of information.
Please Do Not Disturb: How Clarity Aids You In Your Magic
Distraction. It is one of the many things that we as wizards can find a hindrance to our magical workings. It takes our focus away from the moment and can lead to mistakes. These mistakes can cause a domino effect that puts every wizard on their team in further jeopardy. Distractions can come from our own environments from many sources. For me personally in my home world, the two most common distractions I encounter are other people. I am not ignorant that some of these distractions take priority, but not all of them are necessary at that time. I have come up with a few things that may be able to help others who have similar problems.
First, before embarking in the Spiral, it is good to have some needs taken care of. For example, make sure you have eaten or have a snack readily available. Of course, it is important to make sure you have a comfortable environment that allows you to do your best work. This is different for everyone; I myself find it relaxing to have strong music and a drink before I begin my travels in the Spiral. If there are any other priorities that can be taken care of before entering the Spiral, such as any home work, chores, and the like... best to take care of those first.
As for the human element in distraction, this takes a little diplomacy. Most of the time, however, it can be handled with the greatest of ease. Some tips that I can give you are very easy to do. First, inform anyone that is in the house that you are going to be doing something and to please not disturb you. If you have a set amount of time for yourself, you can set a timer. When it comes to the telephone, there are three things you can do. You can wait for it to go to an answering service of some kind and get back to it after you are done. Also, if you live with other people, they can answer it while you are busy. There are times when someone may disturb you saying you have an urgent phone call. Find a safe place to stand in the Spiral so that you are not in any danger. I can't tell you how many times people have been drawn into battle while they were away taking care of other things and end up causing a hindrance to others.
For people who are living with a wizard and they themselves are not, I understand that you too have things that need to be taken care of. You too have priorities which are different from your wizard's. This is fine; all of us have things to do. When it comes to wizards, as a general rule, respect of life, time, and space are important. If your wizard has completed all the non-magical tasks assigned and asks for some quiet time in the Spiral, then there should be no reason not to allow this. If you are the "timer" I mentioned before, allow me to take this opportunity to ask you a favor. Before the wizard's time is up, give them a reminder beforehand. Most wizards, including myself, can lose track of time in the Spiral. It's surprisingly easy to do; anyone who's been in the Spiral will know what I speak of.
A wizard's focus is one of the keys to success in the Spiral. The more focused and relaxed a wizard is, the easier it is for them to assist themselves and others to successful completion of tasks. That focus allows us to achieve many goals and not just in the Spiral. So, remember to concentrate on the tasks at hand. By so doing, you and your team can have great achievements more easily.
Medic!: What Are The Best Times To Heal A Wizard?
When duelling, there are times when healing becomes a need. However, some people still seem to be confused as to when healing is needed. There are, of course, several ways to deal with this issue, but those wizards who have chosen to focus on the school of Life may benefit much from what is about to be said here. I'll begin first with all other wizards.
As Headmaster Ambrose told you when you first arrived, you'll need to pay attention to your health. Should it run out, you could be defeated. As a quest reward, all wizards are given a Fairy healing spell to use. Unfortunately, you would only be able to use that on yourself. With every wizard being different, healing should come into your strategy when it is needed. Thankfully, the spell has 100% accuracy. The best judgement to use, in my opinion, is to cast it when it will benefit you most AND when you have enough health remaining to cast it. Be watchful of the pip count of your opponents for a guideline. Some practice will help you get your timing down.
For those of you who are Life wizards, we are blessed with the ability to heal others. However, we must balance that ability with defense and offense in our strategies. For us, we need to keep our attention to all of our surroundings, including our opponents' positions in battle. In a team environment, because of our abilities, we need to make sure our team is healthy. Therefore, make it a priority to watch our allies' health first. If we can make them healthier, it is wise for us to do so. However, be careful with how much you give and when. Our fairy spells can heal 420 points of damage, but if someone has only a 200 health loss, it would be a bit of a waste for the other points. There are exceptions to this, especially if they could be defeated in the next round, depending on how much life they have left.
The allies that are not Life wizards should do most of the attacking. This is what they are meant for. Support should be our place in that scenario. Be mindful of how healthy they are and try to think a step or two ahead. If they eventually will need healing, see to it that you have the spell and pips necessary to help them. If that is not possible, a shield can be very helpful as well. Always remember, everyone on the team can do something. Whether it is attack, defense, recovery... all these things are important. What makes the difference is how these skills are used. I wish you luck in your adventures.
I know I had things planned for this week's issue and I wanted to execute them faster, but with certain events of late, this took precedence. My apologies.