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The Blog!

The return of "THE BLOG!"

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No letters were hurt during the making of this blog post.

What's up?

I took a short break from Wizard101 because it was getting a bit repetitive, but now I'm back! (Who came up with this "You have to capitalize your 'I's" rule. It doesn't make sense.)

I started doing side quests in Marlybone because they give a good amount of XP.
And my Danger Hound, Taz, likes licking me.:dog:

Well, I guess there isn't a lot to write about at the moment.

My homework is annoying.

I'm bored.

Well it's bad enough that I already [U]think out loud[/U] but now I have to start [U][B]posting my thoughts online[/B][/U] also?

Well I hope you are enjoying reading my thoughts.

The only reason I am writing this anyway is because of the joke at the beginning.