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Celestia - Give KI Time People!

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[COLOR="Black"][FONT="Century Gothic"]We All know about Celetia and the new schools, and if you don't - What rock have you been under? A lot of people are making topics about when it will come out, and ranting about it, sending letters to KI and ect. I'm going to say this in the nicest possible way, shut up please!

J Todd Coleman's Facebook:
[quote]I'm not in a position to give any dates -- when we are ready to say something, our marketing group will make an official announcement. We did make a decision that server performance was our biggest priority, though, so until we deal with the lag issue once and for all, everything else is secondary. I know that can be aggrevating, but it really has to be our priority.[/quote]
[quote]We did make a decision that server performance was our biggest priority, though, so until we deal with the lag issue once and for all, everything else is secondary.[/quote]

My perspective on the matter:

[quote=TaraBeara;997050]Guys look, do you know how much it takes to make a game? They need the money for it, they need workers, they need TIME, and they don't need people over their shoulders rushing them!
Celestia isn't going to be another side world, its going to be a main world with 4 other worlds following it. So they need everything perfect so it stays in the story line, no bugs, making sure the Npc's are how they are suppose to, the doors to buildings don't send you to some where you aren't suppose to go and did you forget about the 3 new schools? They already have a lot to do. so what, they've just said it was going to be Late Summer only a few months ago. Calm down people, they are having difficulty.
I mean they already have to deal with the test realm stuff, rants from people on here and on their site, banning, and again so much more! Give them time and space to do their job or do you want CL to be a crud job of a world?[/quote]
Please excuse my attitude in that post...

What I said in the quote is true. So much goes into making one little person, they are making a whole world, spells, mounts, and making it so we can swim. (Harder than it looks) So please stop making topics about it and give them time to do their job.

Thank you for reading this long, ranty topic =)[/FONT][/COLOR]

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  1. AnimagiGirl's Avatar
    I agree.
  2. BalanceAngel11's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AnimagiGirl
    I agree.
    me too.
  3. MysticJoker's Avatar
    *totally agrees*
  4. tamagatche's Avatar
    i honestly agree so many people have been giving me false dates if you dont know dont say anything until its final! sorry for the yelling but it drives me crazy i cant wait for this as much as the next person and feel we should wait so it will be all we expect wow i must be lost but three new school????? lol made me feel way more excited ;p
  5. SonofSev's Avatar
    i h8 false dates guys will be posting blogs about the relese date sayint that there father, or friends works for KI and has given them the release date, uggh it makes me so mad
  6. everstar55's Avatar
    I agree too! Along with tons of other people lol....
  7. everstar55's Avatar
    Oh, and nice pag! xD