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Interesting day today

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[FONT=Century Gothic]Yes it is true, Tabitha is now level 43!!

Today I was in Dragonspyre today and I kept having to take tower tests (I call them tests). I had to fight these people with orbs by their sides. I have one thing to say to those orbs - Grrrr! They got really annoying after a while.

After I finished the towers it was time for me to fight, dun dun dun...the Sea Lord. Yes, that big purple guy who I swear is the twin of the Kraken in Triton Avenue. I fought that guy I don't know how many times. I kept dieing because these level 20 to low 30's kept coming in my battle and ruining my method. You have no clue how mush I wanted to slap them.

[FONT=Courier New]>.>[/FONT]

After I was done with them I had to talk to another guy (forgot his name), and before he helped me I had to do something for him. He left his notes in a tower and I have to go retrieve them. Luckily there were no mobs, but he's just pure lazy!!

I have come up with one thing about quests:
They are stuff the quest givers are to lazy to do them selves.[/FONT]

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  1. adiw's Avatar
    When I did DS in the Test Realm, the thing I hated most were those Attack Pox and Defense Pox! The Defense pox keep casting towers on the boss, and the attack pox keep casting balanceblades and iceblades. Grrr. And they were casting blades on the guy who was supposed to teach traps! Were the ones that cast traps too expensive?

    Anyhow, I hate just about every ghost from "the good old days" of DS.