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Schools preview.

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[COLOR=Cyan][COLOR=Black]This is only my opinion below and others opinions may vary (about the overall rating)[/COLOR]

Ice[/COLOR]- Ice has very high defenses, the highest health that can reach a maximum of around 3500 with the right gear. However ice lacks good damage. with a good ice colossus and good blades, you can reach 6000+ damage. It depends on your second school how good this school will be, you can make up for low attacks by choosing storm or fire as your secondary. overall rating- 9/10

[COLOR=Red]Fire[COLOR=Black]- Fire has excellent damage, and excellent health, while it may not be like storms damage, it hits very hard considering its health[/COLOR][/COLOR]. Health can reach around 2800 health with the right gear. With a helephant, people have hit over 10,000+ before, not sure the maximum though. Overall rating- 8/10

[COLOR=Purple]Storm[COLOR=Black]- I had experience with playing storm on my lvl 41. Storm is easier then the challenge of playing with a myth or ice. Storm is easier, it has extraordinary a[/COLOR][/COLOR]ttacks, but at a price, your maximum health may only reach around 2200. not much, but the attacks make up for it. At first you may feel hopeless with the fizzling, but when you get to MB and MS you will receive some accuracy gear to help with the fizzle. i have a 12% accuracy boost and i rarely fizzle, bottom line is, dont give up because you may feel hopeless, keep going and you will get some good gear later. Therefore, overall rating 9/10.
Life[COLOR=Black]- Life, they have the highest accuracy[/COLOR][/COLOR], but the attacks arent so powerful, but without life, everyone in the game would be dying. Life focuses on healing friends, while the friends finish the enemy off, life gets very effective at higher levels. as a satyr will only be 2 power pips, i look at life as never dying, however i have not experienced the higher levels. So Life has great health, great healing, OK attacks, and focuses on helping people on the battlefield. overall rating- 10/10 (as i look at it)

[B][COLOR=Black]Death[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Black]- aha, my specialty comes here, i have a death grandmaster, and it really amazes me how people go in through towers healing themselves continously without attacking. in death, you dont have to worry about that, it is done for you. my record with a wraith is 9000 and something. imagine that, 4500 health given back to me in return, i get the last laugh at the enemy:laughing024: at first i was criticising death, but when i looked at it closely, it actually makes a difference, at some times it looks like i one shot the boss while using a satyr at the same time. overall, OK attacks, great accuracy, Good with strategies and ofcourse, the defenses you wont need to worry so much about, overall rating[/COLOR]- 9/10 (from my experience, death isnt the best school around for PVP.)

[COLOR=SandyBrown]Myth[COLOR=Black]- Myth, i had some experience in the high levels of myth, i find that myth is hard to kill the enemy, however the advantage of myth, is no one can shield against it. you find myth's specialty in PVP more, myth can get around 2800 health maximum. imagine what it would be like, for the opposing team in PVP to buff up one person for a tempest or so, and you use and earthquake and blow away what they worked for? you will be a team saver in this situation, that being said, myth isn't the best in PVE, however, is awesome in PVP, so in a PVE situation, i give myth 6/10, in a PVP situation 10/10 all the way[/COLOR][/COLOR]. Also, i would say cyclops would be the probably the best minion in the game, along with the mander.

[COLOR=Cyan]B[COLOR=Red]A[COLOR=DarkOrchid]L[COLOR=Black]A[COLOR=SandyBrown]N[COLOR=Lime]C[COLOR=Sienna]E[COLOR=Black]- Balance, based on helping friends mainly, i have a 23 balance account that i havent been on for a while. Today i went on my balance to help a friend out, and i just realised how helpful balance is, power play makes a difference, balance blade works on all schools, and no one can sheild against you, but you have EVERY shield against them :D muhahaha. lol, i realised that balance is a fun role to play. this will help your friends out and get you popular, not to mention that judgement is a force to be reckoned with, overall rating, i would have to say,9.5/10.

So let me some it up for you.....

A school to solo the game- Life, storm and death.
A school to play in groups- Balance, Life, and Ice
A school to own in PVP- Balance, myth, life, and fire.
A school to have fun while playing- Balance, storm and life

Notice something? life is good for any of those. Thats why i crown life the school for overall playing :clap::wootrock: ok, thank you for taking your time to read this post that i spent time on, please tell me your experiences in the comments, and how you went.

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  1. soccerdude0307's Avatar
    wow cool idea thx
  2. Justin Windrider's Avatar
    Hey, i agree with your review a lot, but i think that ice should be given way higher then 6/10. Way higher. Because if you choose storm as your secondary when your life, you have a total advantage against enemies. Think about it, Having very high health, with excellent attacks. That is the best combo in the game IMO. Eh, learn fire as your secondary when your ice, basically the same thing only better accuracy. Whatever floats your boat.

    oh yeah also i think that fire should have a lower rating then 10/10. Just swap ice and fire's rating around and it will be a perfect review. (Fire 6/10 ice 10/10) The reason why i would give fire 6/10 though is that it is basically the same thing as storm. Five percent more accuracy (Big whoop, lol) and a little higher health, with lower attacks. When you think about it, wouldn't you choose storm over fire..?
    Updated 8-23-09 at 9:02:21 PM by Milt (Merging responses)
  3. Hyperdude's Avatar
    I gave fire 10/10? my bad. Updated. Glad someone agree's with me.
    Updated 8-24-09 at 12:57:10 AM by Hyperdude