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All Nighter Ruined By Server Down

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[FONT=Century Gothic]Tonight on Tabitha GriffinPyre I've been catching up on old quests and refreshing my memory with the Tomb of Storms (where she is now). Soon she will be level 28 and hopefully get a mount.

Things I've done tonight:[/FONT]

[LIST=1][*][FONT=Century Gothic]I finally finished a quest that I had put off in Wizard City. The one where you have to find all the history books from each school? Well, I've been putting that one off for some time now. Thanks to Fred FirePants, I found out where all the books were and it was a breeze! - [/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Lime] [COLOR=Pink]How you get to the forum post:[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DarkOrchid] Forums -> Wizard101 related Guides -> Wizard City Guides -> History Books of Wizard City[/COLOR][/FONT][*][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Pink]M[/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Pink]e[/COLOR] and my friend Christina AngelDust were in the middle of doing the Chamber of Ice just a few minutes ago. We were almost done with the 2nd person of The Fang when a notice popped up saying "Server will be down in 15 minutes" So, we tried to finish as fast as we could, but we were just to late. =[/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Pink]( We're going to try and do it tomorrow together though, so that's something to look forward to.
[/COLOR][/FONT][*][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Lime][COLOR=Pink]I spend an hour or so trying to get a few of my pets higher ranks (not sure what you call them). Its going pretty good so far. They haven't participated in any battles yet, but I wish they would so I could finally see it![/COLOR]
[FONT=Century Gothic]I fell asleep around 2 in the morning last night when I was trying to do my all nighter. So I was trying to actually do one tonight. Seems like I won't be able to because the Systems down for repairs. Its 4:00 am right now, guess I'm heading for bed.
[/FONT] [CENTER][FONT=Century Gothic]
[COLOR=Pink]♥Good night/morning everyone[/COLOR][/FONT][COLOR=Pink]♥[/COLOR]

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  1. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I'm sorry that happened. Must have been terrible. I would have cry if I was doing brisk breeze, or Kensington though...
  2. Guiganator's Avatar
    Yea, I went to bed before 4, but my friend was up all night? (I think) He was doing Kensington Park, and on the last boss too. Then server went down. I feel bad for him.
  3. sirowl123's Avatar
    That does stink. Load up on caffiene (sp?) and try for another all nighter! It's nice to know that im not the only one who gets up at crazy hours to play the game.
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