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Into the Cosmos

Hello or Goodbye?

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Recently me subscription ran out causing me to lose my access to areas besides unicorn way and triton avenue. I am sitting on the fencing thinking if i should stay or go. Can someone please gimmy some advice on what to do? This game is great but sometimes it just isn't very fun. I started out at the beginning of grizzlehiem when it was just about to come out in test. But now celestia is coming out. I'm anxious to see what new things there may be but, i'm not so sure that buying another year of this will be as fun to me as it once was. If i decide no then i will leave wiz101 forever, or at least a long while. It has been an amazing ride but i think it might be to get off this game ansd head to another. What do you think?


  1. Pants's Avatar
    Idk. I know what u should do... Just follow your heart. I play this game and pirates of the carrebian online. Just follow your heart and you could make great achievments...
  2. Potroast42's Avatar
    I think you should stay with Celestia coming out within the next couple of months
  3. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I suggest buy $25 crowns for Celestia. Then you can always go farm but subscription for a whole year is not going to be a smart idea, considering school is in the way.
  4. aaronlhs2012's Avatar
    yeah you should totally leave, less competition
  5. aliszews's Avatar
    No, play by crowns just buy celestia if you don't like that quit.
  6. duganrainfriend's Avatar
    my tip is turn into a memember when the new world comes out
  7. duganrainfriend's Avatar
    member i mean lol
  8. Wohwoh5's Avatar
    buy a gift card that only last for a month and see if you like it and if you dont quit i have played this, pirates of the caribean ( might be spelled right ), and toontown ( plz dont play ). so try that only ten bucks for one month
  9. Cosmos's Avatar
    sorry i couldn't get back to you guys (hven't checked my blog in forever). But i think i'll stay for while and see how things go.
  10. Max.'s Avatar
    well i often become a member then when it expires i farm nightshade for holiday drops (if its halloween i farm pumpkin head)
  11. Cosmos's Avatar
    I've been doing that a lot lately too. Have yet to buy crowns or a sub.