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The Tri~Harvest Festival

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[quote=Christo Deathgiver;616581][CENTER][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][IMG][/IMG][/FONT][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=red][FONT=Verdana]Billboard provided by Autumn Ice -[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][URL=""][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Arial Unicode MS]♥[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Cool As Ice Graphics![/FONT][/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Arial Unicode MS]♥[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/URL][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=6]The [I]Tri~Harvest Festival[/I]!![/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]A Grand Gear Farming Weekend[/FONT][/COLOR] [/SIZE]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4]Hosted by Mercenaries For Hire[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR] [/CENTER]

[CENTER][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]The Event will start at 5am pacific on Saturday 4/24 and continue through the weekend and end at 9pm pacific on Sunday 4/25.[/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Mercenaries For Hire will be taking all Wizards that would like to farm for their Grand Master Gear If you meet one of the following requirements:[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Option 1[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] - This is your quest run and or you have already run this quest and just want to farm Kraysys, Viktor Snowcrusher or Yeva the Spiderkeeper. This would mean that you are able to enter the instances on your own and not need to port in.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Option 2[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana] - You are at least Level 45 and you may need to port in and would like the experience of running these instances for which ever reason.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Option 1 wizards will be the first to be considered on a first come first serve basis for these runs. Then if there are any open spots on the run, any Option 2 wizards can join on a first come first serve basis.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]So if this is your quest or you are in the need of some gear from any of the three bosses and you meet the above requirements, please feel free to join this gathering.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=blue][FONT=Verdana]Mercenaries For Hire would appreciate that if during this Event, you get the Gear that you were looking/farming for, please find/make some time to make a couple of extra runs for those who have not. Thanks!![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]So far we have Host confirmations from (Any time that you can contribute would nost greatly be appreiciated):[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Mercenaries -[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]1. [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Christo Deathgiver [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]2. [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Dusk Weaver [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]3. Fiona Wildshade[/FONT][/COLOR]
4. Phoenix Flyer
5. Kevin Shoadowstalker
6. Ruler of Fire and Death
7. Andrew Wildflame
8. Army of Stones
9. Aura*
10. Elemental Splash

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Friends of M4H [/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=blue][I]We consider anyone that we have helped along the way, a friend of M4H[/I][/COLOR] so if you want to be included in the pairings with others that want to run with us, please post here. [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]1. lizziek[/FONT][/COLOR]
2. Mr.Owl
3. Animegrl
4. Keira Nighthunter
5. Johnist - Heal Tank
6. slrcosmos
7. InuYasha
8. Taji34
9. Audi
10. Death Eater
12. AM Elite
13. Fallon Dust

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]1. How many hosts on each run will be necessary?[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=red][FONT=Verdana]I would like to see 3 hosts/friends at all three locations and 1 hosts/friends on each run. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]2. Once it is decided on the Host assignments, which realms will they occupy?[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=red][FONT=Verdana]I agree that we should start this off in a single realm and would like to use the W101Central "preferred realm" system. If needed we can expand realms from there and post updates to this thread. The Realm that I have selected for the start of this is [B]Scarecrow Realm[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]3. Kraysys (The Forum) & Yeva the Spiderkeeper (Crystal Grove) -[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=red][FONT=Verdana]These are instances that you must be able to enter to participate in this event. We are hoping to have at least 3 M4H/F2M4H at these locations. All of them will rotate between crowd control and actually heading up runs. I hope to see runs ongoing as often as possible.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]4. Viktor Snowcrusher (Drake Hatchery) -[/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=red][FONT=Verdana]At this location it is a wide open space and will be more of a challenge to control and make sure everyone gets equal opportunity at this boss. We are hoping to have at least 4 or 5 M4H/F2M4H at these locations. All of them will rotate between crowd control and actually heading up runs. I hope to see runs ongoing as often as possible.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Here is a copy of Ironhawk's List of Grand Gear and where to find them:

How this is going to work is all dependant on who is on and at what times they are available... I am going to do my best to be on and available for the straight 28 hours that this event will run...[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B][SIZE=3]This event will only take place in[/SIZE][/B]
[B][SIZE=3]Scarecrow Realm - Area 1[/SIZE][/B]
(We may add a realm for Viktor but will decide that depending on participation)[/CENTER]

I will be on-line on Christo At Viktor Snowcrusher first thing in the morning..

I will have my son's Wizard Eric (Fire GM) at Yeva Spiderkeeper.

Once Mercenary and F2M4H start to arrive, they can either text me directly if you are on my friends list or meet up with me at Snowcrusher...

If any Mercenary or F2M4H have a preference on where they would like to be, please let me know and will do my best to have you there as much as possible... Even if that need changes once you have received the item(s) that you were farming for then we can re-assign as needed. Otherwise I will ask you to please station yourself as needed.

[CENTER][B]I am asking ALL Mercenaries and F2M4H[/B][/CENTER]

PLEASE post here on this thread as to:
[LIST][*]Where you will be located once it has been decided.[*]What wizard(s) that you are on.[*]Edit in a time frame that you can be found at that location.[/LIST][CENTER]This will be most important so that all Central members will know who to look for to get in on the next available run for the bosses that they chose to farm at. [/CENTER]

Once the event has started, I would prefer that -
[LIST][*]Only Mercenaries and F2M4H post on this thread to limit the amount of searching one will have to do to find where you you can find us...[*]That you [U][B]DO NOT[/B][/U] in-game text a Mercenary unless it is absolutely necessary. I would like to keep those channels clear for our needs to coordinate.[/LIST]Please let me know if there is anything else that you think I may have left out so we can consider...

Thanks again to all!!
Happy Farming!!


Today and tomorrow are the days of this wonderful event. You will find me there some of the time farming for all of my grand gear. Hope to see you there!

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