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Official Word from Kingsisle

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[quote=Jester;627461]I don't like it, but there's not a lot anyone can do to change it.

DO NOT share yours or ask for a Wizard101 Central member name in-game.

From KI:

[COLOR=#1f497d]While we appreciate the need for players to communicate on an external site such as Wizard101 Central, we must always default to protecting our younger players. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#1f497d]Exchange of personal information in the game, of any sort, is a bannable offense regardless of your chat level. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#1f497d]That being said we understand that Wizard101 Central is a safe means of communication outside the game, and we definitely encourage our players to participate in this enriching and positive community, but we cannot risk setting a precedent that would expand to the in-game exchange of usernames or any other personally identifying information from other sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and the like.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#1f497d]Those who have been banned for exchange of Wizard101 Central contact information are free to appeal the ban through the email ban notification they were sent, and they will be reviewed on a case by case basis. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#1f497d]Going forward, we suggest that players who wish to make friends or contact players through Wizard101 Central, do so without revealing their personally identifying information in the game.[/COLOR][/quote]

In my opinion - and a lot of other people's - this is not a good rule. Why? It is not a good rule because how will you be able to meet in game with other Central people? Many groups on here have meetings. How will they be able to tell who is who in the meeting place? You would have to ask for the central name, possibly getting banned in the process. Kingsisle needs to rethink their decision on this.

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