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'State of the Meta' PvP, Dev Diary.

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From the Wizard101 social media site:

Wizard101's lead designer, Ratbeard, loves to livestream the game and get your feedback on proposed design changes.
Check out what his team is thinking for PvP in Ratbeard's latest 'State of the Meta' PvP dev diary!

Developer Diaries

Ben "Ratbeard" Durbin
Lead Designer

Hello Wizards!

"Since our last major update (Lemuria, Fall ’21) we devs have been gathering feedback about the current PvP meta – influenced heavily, as we expected, by the introduction of the Rhoshambo spells. In order to put those feedback channels to the test, I recently conducted a little experiment via my daily livestream.

Before the stream, I wrote down all of the things we’d been hearing from players; and then during the stream I asked viewers to call out in chat any PvP issues they have. I figured I’d award points to any player who could name an issue that was both (a) not on our list and (b) not already part of work in progress. And then I thought it might be fun to engage with the chat and “stack rank” those issues in order of priority (to the players, at least).

Before I get into the stack rank, let me briefly mention that our efforts towards 5th Age – at least with respect to the amount of Art, Programming, and Design resources currently dedicated to the effort – are at the highest point they have ever been in pursuit of our 5th Age launch. Players don’t see even the tip of the iceberg with respect to those efforts. While our efforts are aligned around meeting specific milestones, players don’t see updates as frequently as they might like – and so they assume that we aren’t aware of problems and/or aren’t working on solutions for them.

Now let’s get into the stack rank. What follows is the list of PvP issues – in roughly the order that players felt they should be prioritized – along with our thoughts on each issue. ... "

See the entire Dev Diary here: https://www.wizard101.com/game/devdi...meta-march2022