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Autumn Shadowsong

An Almost Perfect Pet

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Today I leveled the closest thing to a perfect pet I've ever had to Mega. From teen - epic, my Deathdactyl got quad death damage, and I knew I was on track for a great pet no matter what. I got it to mega today, and it got Defy. If it had been Proof, it would have been the ultimate perfect pet, but as it is it's still the best pet I've ever raised. I moved it to my Necromancer Tatiana, slapped the best available jewel I had on, and called it a day. Tatiana is only level 46, and she is now rocking an incredible 54% damage, before the infamous wand from Mount Olympus or any pack gear. I'm really very proud of this day, and feel that she is more than ready to take on the second arc.