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Savannah DarkHeart

Pet Showcase (Pet Storage) and Pet Space Expansion Elixirs

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Dear KI,

First, I just wanted to share that I absolutely love the [B]Pet Tome[/B] feature as it makes Spiral life just a bit more wonderful!

Along with the Pet Tome, I thought that it would be awesome if a [B]Pet Showcase (Pet Storage)[/B] housing item could be added to the game, that players can obtain by [B][U]crafting[/U][/B] or [B][U]purchasing[/U][/B] from the crown shop.

I also think it would be outstanding if the [B]Pet Showcase[/B] would work in conjunction with the [B]Pet Tome[/B].

[U][B]My thoughts on how the Pet Showcase would look/work:
[LIST][*]Glass cubbyhole shelving to display each type of pet (like in a pet shop).[/LIST]

[LIST][*]Display each beautiful pet stored in individual cubbyholes.[*]Automatically group pets when placed inside the showcase (like how it groups particular pets in the attic). So if you add more than one of the same type of pet, only 1 will continue to display in each cubbyhole/case (with a pet count displayed one of the cubbyhole's corners).[*]Option to select which pet is displayed (like an album cover/cover pet) if more than 1 of the same pet is stored.[*]Display pet information (on mouse over): Stats, talents, etc. (like how it shows when you view another player's pet).[*][B]Podium [/B]with a[B] Pet Tome[/B] consisting the pets contained/displayed within the [B]Pet Showcase[/B].[/LIST]

Along with a [B]Pet Showcase[/B], it would also be awesome to have the option of a [B]Pet Space Expansion Elixir[/B] added to the crown shop!I think it would be truly amazing and so very helpful in many ways, to many Wizard101 patrons including myself, who have been enjoying and collecting/accumulating thousands of pets over the many wonderful years in the Spiral!

I really hope and look forward to seeing something like this added to the game in the future!

If anyone else is interested in this idea please cast your vote here:


Either way it's appreciated! Thank you so very much for your time in advance!