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So been plugging along on my pet projects and have finished 2 so far. Close on another and pretty sure the pet I am taking to mega atm will finish a third.

So I stopped the kiosk nastiness on those ice crits and did my own thing and ended up with a scorpion of it and a rain core hybrid of it. Scorpion is on the magus ice wiz and the other is on the level 130 ice wiz.

The traveller that is epic am trying to get as my last talent Healthy.

and will post Emma's masterpiece when I hit mega for death critical pet done, that is how confident I am in my own hatching that I know I did my work and what I will get.

If your asking well Erin its test realm and you could be just looking there I am a crowns account and the only with access to test was Aaron who did the traveller project that is not done yet. My other three accounts had no access at all. The only reason he even had access was I always buy $5 worth of the nightmare pack at Halloween trying for the nightmare mount and every year it alludes me. Just in case you think I am lying you can see today's date in this screen shot with it saying I am do not have access. Should have taken from the first day but did not even think about it to be honest.
So now to finish that traveller pet, I want it on that but my other pet with healthy manifested is a copper colossus. At this point I can clone it after if I end up with the copper one.

Then need to finish those critical schools off. Finished: Myth, Fire, Death, Ice. Have 4 life crits but no life bringer but seeing how that is the wiz working on the healing pet will probably be last. So guess its time to delve into storm and balance crits. Then I wanted to go for total cute bean pets for a few but not sure what to put on them yet like the fairyfly thingy, sea courser (am cloning maxed stats fire damage on when the energy pet project is finished with a corgi. Keep getting the darned mingo back, so its slow work).

I also wanted to at some point tackle one holiday's worth of pets putting whatever I wanted on them and then the next holiday season offer them up for hatching. Then repeat with another and another. So need to finish what I have in store now then tackle those hurdles when I get to it. They are at this point apple pie in the sky dreams.

Love Owl-Ways,

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