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I know I know you all missed me tremendously and my nonsense names on posts rofl. Yuss, I picked every emoji I could find with hearts in it and duh these never names never make any sense. I like a little fun in life.

Ok, so I decided to try this hatching Kiosk out to see what you can do with it. I decided to make myself a project strictly from hatching with pets there and see if this turns out good or bad. So I took a flamingo pet with nasty talents and hatched it with a calico kitten with energy talents. (Sorry forgot to pic it for the first hatch).

1. Original mingie was spell proof and mc tower shield bleh
2. After first hatch I got gardening pixie and big energy.

Going to apologize ahead of time, I cannot just press print screen anymore and get the single screen when playing. NO CLUE WHY!!!! So have to hit windows and print screen and get the entire screen

So side note the snoni you see is another project I am doing but not going to blog it. I have my myth and ice wiz competing with only hatching with kiosk pets to see who can make a 4 ice crit dealer pet first. I am just seeing what you can get out of it or not at this point. So far my ice which was pictured in that shot gets defy and fairy every time rofl. My myth is doing better but was finishing a hatch thread so has not made much progress since hatching to other people. WE ALL NOW IF THAT SNONI ISN"T TRANSFERRING ITS TALENTS IN 1 TO 2 HATCHES ON MY ICE THEN ITS LIKE THROWING AWAY GOLD FOR ALL THE HELP THAT PET IS DOING ANYONE.

Off of the side note: Baby Rocco Ped of 79 EEK! Lord help me if it goes higher then everything is STINKY CHEESES in the gene pools. Got gardening pixie and ultra energy. I dislike all gene pools over the 60's. Means too many epic mc junk; no one in their right mind wants to clean up that kind of messy gene pool.

I thought I would do this because someone told me "We don't need hatch threads anymore because everything is in the kiosk." Like it was a shop for your all pet needs, which I thought was hilarious.

Curious thing I cannot find Chester in the Kiosk for two days so had to search for pets and found a unicorn.
I did find it odd most of these energy pets are 79 ped so guessing most are clones off a original.... I did see a ton of other kittens in there but the stats were low; like 175 on some of these yet they have fishing luck manifested. Just going to say people probably cloned and did not pay attention to stats because that fishing luck will go higher if your stats are, maybe they were just after energy alone idk. Hoping nothing weird pops because could not use Chester again for my experiment. King Champ Ped 76 got Big Energy and Ultra Energy. I still have not picked up huge energy to will try ancient on this one. This is what I got:

So it is decision time. Clearly you can pick up talents at times. My crit project tells me about 20% of the time, so its a very flawed atm this kiosk.

So decisions to make because if there is a talent determined on stats and I would love to keep epic fishing luck in my end result:

1. Do I keep hatching with kiosk pets knowing my stats will be lowered until that chance for full fishing luck is gone and just have a energy pet with stupid stats in the end? I think not. O where is CHESTER!!!
2. I self hatch 2 mingie's together to keep the stats up and will probably have to go past adult for something new to pop to keep the stats high enough? I might get absolute junk as well because I did not dominate the talent pool popping if I do this. (Would be my normal method is self hatch but since I did none of the work idk if that's a good option.)

Pros: I might get lucky with either 1 or 2.
Cons: a ton can go wrong because I do not know what work went into these pets and if they are clones themselves.

Hatched two mingie's together this morning and on its way to epic so might be another day before I reach that, or two if my gardens go elder by tomorrow.

Egg is named Happy Xena ped 77 with the talents Epic fishing luck, Huge energy and Ultra Energy. So taking it to epic for one reason and one reason alone, nothing new popped! Got to 854 today training it and my emp's say 7 hrs someting until harvest but the elder bar shows 3/4 of the way. Hopefully Friday will make epic, will cross fingers. If anything can always log in the evening after replanting in the morning and try for that last 146 points. Epic is this: GARDENING PIXIE

As you can see I found another unicorn in the kiosk and hatched with it because gosh dang it we need big energy to pop. I am going to continue training Xena to mega just to see what she gets because at this point I can say I did nothing really but self hatch from kiosk pets once. I did get sadly a unicorn back from the hatch, I really liked training the mingo.

I do have this offspring in my bag with big energy.
and he was the self hatch kiosk pet that helped make Xena, so guessing there is a chance that big energy may pop. If not and mega is a bust well allrighty then; cries and cries and cries. I normally when I make pets only train 1! To mega not multiple so I could fail with kiosk pets and ruin my normal streak. Seeing as Xena has only manifested talents that were manifested off its parents is the only reason I will try that mega.

Will let you know what pops when I get there. Will be three or four days for mega plus the elder garden I should have tomorrow on that wiz to ruin training needs.

UPDATE: 10/1/19
Am 6 Fancy Yogurt candies away from mega, so tomorrow hopefully! My Ice crit project is abysmal as usual. Think I have hatched for close to three weeks now and all I have managed to attain is too low stats but the universal crits, ice dealer and ice striker all on different pets. So going to abandon the kiosk and raise stats enough for 10 dealer. Then hatch in what I have been able to pick up. Then will go back or ask on central for that last crit when I get there. I have come to the conclusion that if the talents are popular (i.e. everybody gardens) So energy pets should be abundant in the kiosk. If they are any good though that remains to be seen. So guessing crits are not that high on people's lists, quite frankly I detest crit pets/glass mirror gear myself. I get bored though and want variety of talents so that's brought me down this slippery crit slope. I have finished myth and fire though so only 5 left to go rofl.

Well we finished and I got big energy! I do not believe the kiosk is a one stop wonder though because I had to self hatch to get that pet in the end. Also, now I have the fun job of transferring those energy talents to corgi's for my magus pvp'er wizards for their gardening needs. I think if the pet is abundant enough and their is a need your project picking up a talent might go a little faster but let's face it the bird would be better with either both fishing lucks or gardening pixie and the money talent, forget its name. So if your just after X, Y, Z and really do not care what V, and W talents are I guess its a ok place to shop around for pets. Me I care about all 5 rofl.

Also, being a clone of two different pets I am not sure if I put Xena in the kiosk if people would get her talents or crazy weird things popping. I will see once I start moving to Corgi's if I get just that. If anyone wants Xena though will pop her in the Kiosk.

Tried hatching a corgi this morning with Xena and its safe to say she passes her talents off. Excuse the nasty talents on the corgi, I was looking through my bank and found a baby idk if its even a first gen or just a random hatched one from a thread ages ago. It was pretty stinky talent wise rofl.

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