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There is an unspoken rule that applies to any and all games that only the people who love games know. This one trick is one many people, including hard core gamers may never figure out. From Candy Land board games to Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it works.
If you are not having fun, you are playing it wrong.

Games are made to offer challenges, and if you let pets, a negative friend, a glitch you can work around, some over the top hoarding goal, a rank, a badge, a bit of pixel gear, a random story line, side content or anything else get in your way of having fun, that is on you. Not the game. Not the creators. Not Milton Bradly. Not your uncle. Not the forums. Not the player base. Not the last update. Not Blizzard. Not the gear. Not the meta. Not KI. You.

Not having fun? Change direction. Change course. Get new friends. Make Friends. Take a break. Try it a different way. Play it "wrong" and forget the do to list you have that turns a game into a chore and simply play.

I will likely never be considered a veteran player here, but I have been playing for years now, and have not run out of fun things to do. Why? Because how I played when I started is not how I played 2 years ago and 2 years ago is not how I play now. I change, set new goals, throw away goals I no longer find fun (but may pick up again one day.)
I love questing right now, but when I first started, it took me 2 years to max a wizard. I loved housing and did that for about a year in there. That was what I had fun doing. No end game goals, just decorating. I started to find that boring after a bit and started questing. I also spent a few months after starting to play in the arena. I made it to Knight before I realized it was not fun for me anymore and quit. Do I have the fancy commanders gear? No. I just didn't let a bit of pixel kill my fun. Could I have gotten it? Yeah, but it would not have been fun. Maybe one day I will grow into that interest. If not, oh well. I don't have to like every single thing in a game to still love it. I think pets are boring as heck, but meh, I don't have to have an amazing pet with the specific 5 talents in the game.

"Glass half empty, glass half full, well either way, you won't be going thirsty, count your blessings not your flaws."

It isn't a bad thing to enjoy what we have and hope for more, but that hope for more should not be something that makes us angry or holds us back from enjoyment of the good there is.