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The Story of the Nicoles...and Grace and Nick

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I came across these backstories I had written on each of my characters. Thought I would post it here. Enjoy!

Nicole RainbowFist (ice)- She has what you might call a boring childhood: brought up in a family of 3 kids and was completely happy. She was always top of her class, an excellent student and a great listener. She always wanted more out of life, however. Her life was too safe and predictable. That was when Merle Ambrose found her and told her, "You're a wizard, Nicole." Seeing a great adventure in her future, she packed up her life in a heartbeat and moved to Wizard City to study with Lydia Greyrose, not knowing that she would be one of the gifted few destined to save the spiral. She is the eldest of this group and the role model. She is considered the leader, having studied the longest, but also tends to keep to herself and go solo.

Nicole WindRider (storm)- She has the most tragic past of all of them, having watched her entire family die at the hand (and teeth) of the Kraken. Being unable to destroy a storm wizard, the Kraken took her prisoner instead. At the time of her capture, she had no idea that she was a storm wizard, but over time she noticed that she had strange powers. They were weak at first, but after learning to control them, she eventually defeated the Kraken and escaped Triton Avenue, finding herself at the doorstep of Headmaster Ambrose, begging for help. He took her into the Ravenwood school and she started studying under Professor Balestrom. Having practiced storm magic on her own for years before having a teacher, she had more raw talent than any other student, however, her magic was also wildly unpredictable. She is a powerful wizard now, but remains insecure about her abilities.

Nicole SkySinger (life)- She was born into a family of wizards and experienced life magic as a normal part of life. When she was young, her family moved to the Toadstool Village in the Wild of Avalon. Her family had a difficult time adjusting to such small living quarters, but the leprechauns loved the SkySinger family. She made friends with Cassie the Ponycorn, who in turn taught her what she knew about healing spells. On a trip to Avalon, Professor Wu met with her and told her of her tremendous powers in life magic and recruited her into the Ravenwood life school. She is the oldest of her siblings and has had a lot of experience taking care of her brothers and sisters. Her nature is kind and caring, though at times she just wants to go have fun. She has a spunky personality and tends to be the life of the group (pun intended).

Grace RavenBane (death)- Grace was orphaned at a young age and grew up in various foster families throughout her childhood. She made friends with some shady characters and turned into somewhat of a juvenile delinquent, though she never got caught. When she discovered her ability to use death magic, she relished her new found power and ran away to live on her own. Merle Ambrose discovered her one day when she attempted to pick pocket the headmaster, obviously failing against such an esteemed wizard. Not being capable of holding a grudge, Headmaster Ambrose invited her to the school. Upon first arrival, Grace did not enjoy being surrounded by wizards who were better than her. She put in a lot of effort that first year trying to be the best. She succeeded in being the top of the death school, but there was one ice wizard who was constantly showing her up: Nicole RainbowFist. There was a constant struggle and tension between the two of them. Headmaster Ambrose saw something familiar in Grace, he feared that he might have another Morganthe on his hands. However, after working with her on numerous occasions, he turned her into a force of good in the wizarding world. Grace and RainbowFist ended up becoming great friends.

Nicole ThunderBlade (balance)- She is a kind and charitable wizard, having spent many summers in Krokatopia working at refugee camps for manders who escaped slavery. She was aware of her magical abilities and used them for good. After coming of age to join the Ravenwood School of Balance, she left immediately to go learn all she could about balance magic and do more good in the wizarding world. She had no idea the dangers and adventures that were in store.

Nicholas FireBright (fire)- Nick did not grow up in a magical family, but discovered his fire magic early on. Not knowing what his family might say, he kept it a secret from them. He would hide in his closet at night illuminating his finger to read by the fire light. He was also a prankster, setting his classmates' pants on fire or singeing off someone's eyebrows while they dozed in class. He never took his power seriously until Ambrose came along. After being assured that he would be able to use his powers all the time and out in the open, Nick agreed to go to Wizard City to study with Falmea. He remains a bit of a loose cannon, but when a world of the spiral is in danger, he takes his duty very seriously as part of his team.