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Pet Central Hatching Schedule (3/22-3/24)

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Sadie: Balance Assailant, Pain Giver, Balance Dealer, Critical Striker, Critical Hitter
Please read ALL instructions, if you fail to do so it'll be a cancelled hatch

1. This hatching schedule is for Pet Central only! To request a hatch with my pet check out the threads to see if the pet is up and request there. Also all rehatches have to be requested through the thread first!
2. Please schedule your hatch at least 2 hours before your selected time, or I will not book you
3. Look for Kayla, Destiny, Scarlet, Emmaline, or Katherine in the hatchery
4. All hatches are EST (Eastern Standard Time) If you need help converting time click here
5. All hatches will be held in Pixie realm Hatchery, Area 1
6. Please bring at least 60,000 gold for your hatch!
7. Don't be more than 5 minutes late to your hatch or it will be cancelled, if you think you are going to be late just let me know 1 hour before the hatch
​8. When requesting for a hatch please include the following information here

Central Name:
Wizard's Name:
Time Slot 1:
Time Slot 2:

Please list 2 time slots, just in case the other is taken. To check if other time slots are taken you can take a look at my visitor messages

Pending Hatches
Central Name Requested Pet Status

Note that all requested hatches expire 2 days after I post a VM
You'll have to request again in the thread if your request happens to expire.
If you have requested a hatch & I did not post a message after 24 hours, please let me know

*If none of the times listed below work for you just let me know and we can work something else out.*

Friday, 3/23
Times Central Name Wizard Name Requested Pet Status
7:00 pm
DylanShadowHunter Connor Shadowhunter ~ S
7:30 pm
riseabove179 Jordan Bearblood

~ S
8:00 pm

Saturday, 3/24
Times Central Name Wizard Name Requested Pet Status
9:00 am

9:30 am

10:00 am

12:00 pm

12:30 pm

1:00 pm

9:30 pm

10:00 pm

10:30 pm

11:00 pm

11:30 pm

March 4th

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