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[2.10.18] Pet Central Quick Hatches

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DISCLAIMER: This is a hatching schedule for my own pet(s) being offered on Pet Central. If you'd like to hatch with my pet(s) and were NOT linked the directions, please follow the Pet Central link to familiarize yourself with the rules and then post a hatch request on the corresponding thread.


1. When you come to the hatchery,
go to my profile page and send the following
information as a Visitor's Message:

Pet Requested:
Wizard's Full Name:

As I get the messages, this will be the order
I will be following for the first come
first serve basis.

Hatches take place in Unicorn
Realm's Hatchery: Quietest Area

3. Do not send me your VM if you are not
already in the hatchery at one of the
given time frames.

4. If you choose to come at the start of
any time frame, you may have a longer wait
versus coming later during the hour block.

NOTE: For any hatch request, new or re-hatch
you have to make a post on the PC threads
After that you must wait until I get back to
you and link you the instructions.

Baaterfly Graphics: winterborn

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