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WizLowed's Hatching schedule.

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WizLowed's Hatching Schedule.

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Gummy - Lovely Ladybug

Thank you for choosing Pet Central. Please follow all information below.

Hatches will take place in Lincoln Realm.

All times listed are EST(Eastern Standard Time). If you need help converting to your time, in google type in "Current EST Time" and add/subtract from your current time.

Please bring at least 55000 gold to the hatch and have an open timer. Please be on time for your hatch. I will wait in the hatchery for 10 minutes. Showing up early is ok too.

Please copy the form below, go to my Profile
paste the form and fill in the the needed information. I ask for 2 Time Slots just in case the first time you pick has already been filled.

Wizards Name:
Pet Requested:
Time Slot #1:
Time Slot #2:

You must reply 1 hour before your requested time or you will not be scheduled for a hatch. You have 24 hours to reply to my VM or you will need to request again.
I will confirm our hatch and the time on the schedule below.

Time: Central Name: Wizard Name: Pet Requested: Result:
Sunday 2/11
10:30pm firefistace Isaac Legendsword Gummy C
10:40pm ughmegs Genevieve Gummy RS
10:50pm scarletskyheart1636 Scarlet StarDust Gummy C
11:00pm DestinyDragon Anthony Gummy C
Monday 2/12
10:40am ---------- ---------- ----------
10:50am ---------- ---------- ----------
11:00am ---------- --------- -----------
--------- --------- --------- --------- --------
10:30pm arjunpen Wolf FrostCaller Gummy C
10:40pm scarletskyheart1636 Scarlet StarDust Gummy C
10:50pm Luke58 Chris EarthWalker Gummy NS
11:00pm DestinyDragon Anthony Gummy C
Tuesday 2/13
10:40am -------- ------------ -----------
10:50am ---------- ---------- -----------
11:00am ----------- ------------ ---------
-------- --------- --------- -------- -------
10:30pm ru4uorus Brahm SpellBringer Gummy C
10:40pm -------- ---------- ---------
10:50pm brierose Scarlet Rose Gummy C
11:00pm Yukie Taryn Gummy C
Wednesday 2/14
10:40am ------------ ----------- ------------
10:50am ----------- ------------ -------------
11:00am ----------- ------------ ----------
-------- -------- -------- -------- -------
11:00pm brierose Scarlet Rose Gummy C
Thursday 2/15
11:00am mrshippyowl Quinn Giant Gummy C
-------- -------- ------- ------- ------
10:30pm Lord Voldemort Sean IronBane Gummy C
11:00pm sunshine13 Fiona SilverBlade Gummy C
Friday 2/16
-------- --------- ---------- --------- --------
10:30pm ughmegs Genevieve Gummy C
10:40pm RobertFireBlade Robert FireFist Gummy C

Central Name VM Sent Expiration

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