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A very merry unbirthday to you!

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Did one hatch and got this:

I had this in my bag for when myth boon was found:

So you can see what I will use to mix the pets together the only thing I am stipulating on myself is I don't want a medusa back so any 20hr eggs I will trash automatically. I don't really like the turtle card but I am too lazy to transfer the talents so were going turtle or go home on this. Will be 2 days before I hatch them helping a friend on that account get those whartles and failing miserably so will be a few days to get my gold back.

First hatch got a medusa back so it was trashed second hatch got this but taking to ancient so won't need to use the medusa anymore as long as a damage pops. Yes that medusa had 4 damages in pool and yes it was dominated so I knew I would potentially get a clone back and that is why I used it to take less time in this project the only weird bit is: is that whartle from one hatch is it going to prove to pop damages hence the taking to ancient or do I have some work to do still? That is why I am taking to ancient, to answer that very question. If it pops a unwanted will use medusa for a bit to strengthen the genes if it pops damage well woot woot onto just making that quint. Madame Muffin made my happy woot woot time.

I decided to gift myself a purreau's potion. There is a trick for seeing what you will get at epic, used to make when we trained only to epic on pets a sinch to see what you'll get. So I hatched Madame Muffin with the other whartle Baxter and got Madame Harley. I trained until a talent I don't have manifested popped. If its a damge then odds are epic on muffin would be damage and most likely that talent. I got a surprise Harley got myth boon and Muffin got myth giver. I think Harley needs to go epic and if still popping damage I think its safe to say either Muffin or Harley is that quint damage pet.

Harley did a wonk wonk at epic.

will bet you anything if I took Muffin mega that would pop. So Muffin is staying epic and will hatch it with Baxter once the timer cools. See crazy tricks can save you. At the end of the day I got a really nice base off the medusa so was a win win for me.

Update 12/9/17: I had finals this week, sorry didn't update for two weeks but am back and working on gardens for that gold to hatch again. I did get bored and train Muffin just to prove you can predict talents and haha it got crit like I SAID! Going to use him anyway against Baxter once the gold is back. If a crit pops will just delete. Just wanted to show though predicting epic and mega is really a cinche still if you know what your doing so people going I didn't expect ______ at ______( insert epic/mega) is a crock...

UPDATE: 2/2/2018 I start school Monday and overloading again as usual. I work full-time as well and no I have not worked on this project in probably 5 or 6 weeks so I have nothing to update with atm because I have been busy and won't get back to it until June/July. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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