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Icy's Pet Schedule 10/12-10/15

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Icy's Helpful Hatchers Hatching Schedule

Week 10/12-10/15

~Miss Mia~

Please make sure you have requested on the Helpful Hatchers Thread. Do not PM or VM for hatches if I am not on the threads. Please answer at least one hour ahead of time so I am prepared to hatch.
H.H. Rules

~Steps to Get a Hatch~

1. Fill out the form below and VM (Visitor Message) the form on my profile page (HERE).

Pet Requested:
Time Choice 1:
Time Choice 2:
Wizard Name:

*Hatches will all be in Realm Dryad
*Hatches will all be in The Pacific Timezone (PDT)
1a. If none of the times work for you, message me when you are available and I shall try to accommodate your time frame.
2. Check back on this thread to make sure I have confirmed your time by putting your name on my list. If you do not see your name on my list, I have not seen your message and I will not be in the hatchery.
3. Please arrive at the hatchery on time and with at least 60,000 gold. I will wait no more than 5-10 minutes for you. If you are not there on time you will need to ask for a re-hatch on the thread again.
4. If you need to reschedule your hatch for any reason, please let me know at least 30 minutes ahead of time.
5. If there is no response to my VM/PM within 24 hours you will need to ask for a hatch again on the Helpful Hatchers thread.

~My Availability~

Time Central Name Wizard Name Pet Requested Extra Notes
Sat. 10/14 Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
4 pm Nuri Dragon Emily Night Miss Mia Completed
4:15 pm

4:30 pm

Sun. 10/15 Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
4 pm

4:15 pm thestorm100 Hunter Darksword Miss Mia Completed
4:30 pm Tarlac Ghost
Miss Mia No Hatch
Mon. 10/16 Monday Monday Monday Monday
4 pm


4:30 pm

Hatch Info Pending

~Central Name~ Date/Time Msg was Sent

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