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I laughed so hard

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Just wanted to say sorry I have not updated "Owling Around" in a long while. All I can say is real life has been giving me hurtles to jump through for awhile and I don't even get to play this game too much anymore.

I do still log and play wizzy, I still talk to long time friends. Just not very active like I once was. It does pain me to see the times I log on people giving horrid pet advice but will let someone else fight that battle, I got too much on my plate. All those hatch threads pain me too, people will never learn to be good hatchers if you run "clone me" services. I still make pets though so trying to decide what I can do for people who like to learn still; and still have time for my hectic schedule in real life. So will figure it out but might have to wait until summer next year before I can devote some time to it.

Hope everyone is doing well and hope your upcoming holiday season is full of laughter, love and happiness.

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