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What I don't like about big announcements.

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I don't like Wizard 101 announcements.
Because as soon as KingsIsle announces something cool I check the news 10 times a day and see if the test realm is open 384281 times a day. (maybe I counted wrong)

Anyway, the test realm didn't come out yet!:comp26::comp26::comp26::comp26::comp26:
For people who read my last post: "I still don't have my precious!"

Off topic: Yoda failed grammar.

:question: Question for people that are awesome because they read this boring post: :question:
1 being the worst and 10 being awesomely awesomer than all other awesome things that are awesome, how excited are you for the pets and/or Celestia update?

My answer: 10!
Reason: Why not?

Bye people!

P.S. Do not try this at home::comp26::angry016::1087:(the red person is angry at what the other two are doing)

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  1. cooldude49's Avatar
    10/10 for the pets, but celestia? 3/10 cause of the entire plotline
  2. Jailie's Avatar
    I agree with your blog.

    And I am a big fat 10! for the pets and Celestia!!!
  3. AnimagiGirl's Avatar
    5 for Celestia(After I finish DS: 10 xD)
    8 for the pets.
  4. Blaze FireFlame's Avatar
    8 for Celestia. (Grandmaster wants level up badly!)
    10 for pets
  5. zonekilee's Avatar
    sup i'm new here and just wanted to say hi