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Some stuff that happened today.

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I checked the Wizard101 news and the test realm isn't open yet. I have been checking every day since[B] the[/B] announcement.

One announcement to rule them all. One announcement to find them.
One announcement to bring them all. And in the darkness bind them.
(I'm reading Lord of the Rings if you haven't figured that out yet)

The update is so precious!
My precious!

Anyway I didn't get my precious yet.
Well, I [B]did[/B] level to 47 so I shouldn't complain. One level till my fire dragon spell quest.
After that I checked the news again but didn't find my precious! But it [B]did[/B] tell me to [B]hop[/B] over to Eggbert so I got on Wizard 101 again and moved my character over to the shopping district while pressing the space bar a bunch of times. Turns out Eggbert didn't have anything I wanted. (I was hoping for a pet or a hat with bunny ears.) Well, I used all my crowns on Sir Bandit anyway so I couldn't have gotten anything anyway. Not even the Jade Oni on sale in the crowns shop. (see picture below)

Well after that I checked the news again and still no precious!
I want my precious!

Here is a question for you people that are awesome because you are reading this boring post:
When do you think the test realm will open?

I want to test my precious!

Bye dudes!
(I click on post now and wait for my precious)
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  1. wizard101fan123's Avatar
    Still don't have my precious.
  2. aliszews's Avatar
    I Think Test Will Be Open By Sat. Hopefully :D :]
  3. Lord Frost's Avatar
    not your precious my precious