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Arr's Hatching Schedule 7/31-8/6

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Hatches are Complete Thank You for Requesting :D

1.Take a look at the schedule for a time that suits your
availability. (Note. if these times don't work at
all send me a PM. My times can be flexible)

Times follow Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

2.Scroll down to the bottom of this page, click
"Leave Comment" and include the following:
Pet Requested:
1st Time Slot:
2nd Time Slot:
Wizard's Name:

Hatches take place in Seraph Realm's Hatchery

3. Remember to check back to see that your name
has been entered into the schedule, as that will be my
way of confirming your hatch.

4. Check your PM'S for the secret code word it will be required to get your hatch.

Note: For any hatch request, new or re-hatch you have to make a post on the Helpful Hatchers thread. After that you must wait until i get back to you and link you the schedule, be it one time or 4 times. It is so every person can have equal access to my pets. Also note i can add more spots in days as long as i feel comfortable.
Thank You

Times Central Name Wizard Name Notes
Monday, July 31st
8:00 PM audra6261 Savannah Soulhaven Reschedule- TD
8:00 PM Yuna Luke Complete
8:00 PM Zexion Blaze Complete
8:00 PM alexandrianight Alia Stormsong Complete
8:00 PM DragonWhisper Taylor Thundersinger Complete
Tuesday, August 1st
11:00 AM MrGameface808 Nathan Mist Complete
11:00 AM fortheloveofpets Victoria Complete
11:00 AM dancingdanielle Danielle ThunderBlade Complete
11:00 AM GreyDays Alexandria Complete
11:00 AM nicolestormdreamer Shelby LightWeaver Compete
11:00 AM LlewellaDreamCatcher Devin DeathHeart Complete
8:00 PM Aphrodite Alexis RoseBlood Complete
8:00 PM Frenenqer Chris Fire Complete
8:00 PM Chrissyy Erin Complete
8:00 PM pashkenas1234 Ryan Wild Complete
Wednesday, August 2nd
11:00 AM Blaze Pixie Blaze Pixie Complete
11:00 AM VictoriaDreamFlower Victoria IceFlower Complete
11:00 AM teddybear123 Daniel Earthfountain No Show
11:00 AM Travis Is Evil Travis Titan Complete
8:00 PM skye sanctuary Tyler Thorn Complete
8:00 PM Yuna Luke Complete
8:00 PM RedValkyre99 Valerian Complete
Thursday, August 3rd
11:00 AM Jellie Bellie Dylan CrowSword Complete
11:00 AM audra6261 Savannah Soulhaven Complete
11:00 AM Austin Stars Austin Pixieheart Complete
8:00 PM tvelocity514 Kane LifeGiver Complete
8:00 PM Josephmaldonado99 James Sky Complete
8:00 PM Lukespirithunter Luke Spirithunter/ Cody Frostbringer Complete
8:00 PM Evelya Charles WildHaven Complete
Friday, August 4th
8:00 PM sunshine13 Emily Iceslinger Complete
8:00 PM erinmistwalker Erin Mistwalker Complete
8:00 PM Firepixys Sarah Complete
8:00 PM Lee538 Saffron Soultamer Complete
Saturday, August 5th
11:00 AM Richardlionheart808 Tara Wildflower No Show
8:00 PM LifeRules Valkoor Complete
8:00 PM MadeYouLook Hunter StormCaster No Show
8:00 PM Lee538 Saffron Soultamer Complete
8:00 PM Travis Is Evil Travis Jade Complete
8:00 PM Freneqer Chris Fire Complete
Sunday, August 6th
8:00 PM QueenofHearts Vanessa Summer Complete
8:00 PM
8:00 PM
8:00 PM
8:00 PM
8:00 PM

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  1. Arr The Pirate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GreyDays
    Pet requested: Sir Dixie
    Time Slot #1 and #2: 8 pm, July 31
    Wizard's Name: Alexandra
    I'm sorry that time is full. I can only do 5 tonight that's why I ask for 2 times could you please post another good time from my schedule?
  2. Arr The Pirate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by brianbucher
    Pet requested: Baby Mandy
    Time slot: Wednesday, August 2nd, 8pm PT
    Wizard name: Logan Wild
    I'm sorry that time is now booked. Times are on a first come first serve basis would you please list a 2nd time