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Small Update for Myself

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So, I'm back! (Again)

Kris is leveling through Polaris at a slow and steady pace. I'm actually leveling with a longtime friend which makes it fun. Thanksgiving break is fast approaching, so I'm hoping to make some progress (or even finish) Polaris in time for Mirage's release.
Miranda, my fire, is flying through Avalon. I forgot how pretty that world was, minus all the bosses. If I could go back to like 2009, I'd make Kris a fire wizard, it's so much more fun than life.

College is going alright. My engineering classes are definitely trying to weed people out, but I'm chugging along. I built a hydro powered phone charger! Sort of. With a budget of $20, cheap motors don't generate much electricity. But, I did manage to charge my iPhone (for like 10 seconds) and not destroy it, so that's an accomplishment. I'm not even an electrical engineering major, I'm chemical, so this isn't very fun for me haha. YouTube can only teach me so much.
My other classes are cool though, except for the one engineering class. It's the only one threatens me getting a 4.0 as of right now.