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Veg, Veg, Veg!

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The other day I saw people commenting they HAD to farm for gold still. Thought since hatching costs gold will tell you some tricks so you don't ever have to farm again.

First off, GH is your new bestie. You want to farm couch potatoes. I average about 1-2 an hour, yet some days within 30 min have 5 of them as drops. Its kinda random; try one set of mobs within 7 turns no cp. Go to the next one etc; one of them will usually drop quicker than the others. Just a matter of finding which one to farm that day.

So here is the wiki page so you can find what mobs to farm:

Now the fun bit, well you see if drops Jars of Jelly Beans, Killer Tomato, Shanta Pudding, Taco Town special, AS WELL AS MEGA SNACKS. These and some tc are your little gold mines. I save those snacks and when my bag gets full I transfer them to another wiz so I can harvest more. You will probably take a few months to accumulate that much. So yes this is patience young grasshopper approach. Once you have those reserves though O.o the day your short gold go sell 500 of whichever snack and boom you got about 200,000k. You have them stored on various wizards so not like your going to run out since you still have that one wiz harvesting every week. MUHAHAHAHA 4 snacks just funded your hatching!!

The tc that drop are mostly Celestia auras. Those I just sell once a week because they build up quick. The one I LOVE is empowers. I made a mule account just for them.
A mule account if your not sure the term is. You have this other account with no intention of ever leveling the wizards on it. They just hold tc for your main accounts. I have 6 wiz with 999 empowers on my mule account. Yes, again patience young grasshopper but you will love it after the patience. SO MUHAHAHAHAHA empowers just funded your hatching!!

So maybe your not sure how to make 69 plot cp garden. MUHAHAHA we have guides to do it!! Look at most medium garden stacked plots and its easy to discern how to make a large.

Link the guides here:!

So the first pic I used a ton of crates and made vantage points with rugs to see what I was doing.

Then using 27 crates and a low wooden table. I made my base. Every layer is easy. First is the table with 27 crates. I move half a crate length over then use only 27 crates. 3rd move back half a crate length, layer is table with 18 crates. 4th layer move over half a crate length with only 18 crates. 5th layer move back half a crate length with the table and 9 crates. 6th layer is move half a crate length with 9 crates. Last layer is put the plot on the table. Make sure none of your plots reach the ground floor, if they do that layer won't work.

So just me doing that process in action
the pattern is:
You will end up with 70 plots exactly this way. In that row 2 the second X to the left. The 4th plot down you need to leave empty of a seed, I usually place my ball of yarn around that height right at the end of the plot. Even if you can't see where exactly to hit the garden (once the cp's mature) the spell pointer will raise and you know to place your spell there to hit the entire garden. Sorry the spacing looks weird would not let me just do X's and it looked right.

1xx1 -Row1
xxxx -row2
xx1x -row3
1x11 -row4

You will have enough room for 69 cp that way. I float my likes above, but it works just as well below too.

Now, your probably thinking I am not sure I want to invest the time farming for a patience young grasshopper approach. Well, we can give you about 170,000 gold a week with another plant in the meantime while you hoard snacks and empowers.

What I did while waiting for the snacks and empowers to accumulate was next to my main garden of cp I made a 69 plot stinkweed garden. I had to train pets on another wiz until I had that snack reserve for energy reasons. It really goes quick though and while your doing the stinkweed I took the opportunity between pet projects to max out gold with my wiz just selling the tc. I just deleted the stinkweed gardens once I started getting those snack reserves on a few wiz done.

I am crowns accounts, but when KingIsle introduced double gardening seeds benefits. You know I bought a sub for a month on each account. I doubled my farmed 69 cp. Put them on a second wiz and now I hoard snacks and tc faster. I also, doubled my emp garden with that benefit for even more megas. Emp's those are just tc you can sell at the end of the day. A TON OF people do only emp gardens so the tc don't sell for all that much normally so that is why I say farm cp. Also, emp's are notoriously evil to drop in game. You could spend weeks farming for one seed.

I would not suggest going "hey let's make 5 or 6 69 plot gardens on multiple accounts." The time alone would be killer to replant even with the plant all spell. HeHe I know from experience I was noob enough to try it. When in school I only use one cp garden on each account. I have a lot of elder gardens that just sit 9 times out of 10. So go invest in cp farming and tell Vestrilund ADIOS!!

Love Owl-Ways,

P.S. "It's a veritable vegetable paradise!" If you know where that quote is from O.o_o.O

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