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To Future Me and What Happened in the Last Six Months

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I could've sworn the last time I posted something was at least two years ago, but surprise! It's only been, one... two... six months! I might as well write something for the future me to read about. The introduction was not really necessary because it was already in the title, oh well!

First, I'd like to give a shout out to Myrna and zivathebeasta for commenting on my post six weeks ago. That was really exciting when I saw it today. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Second, Sam, you still have not picked up that guitar. What were you doing? It's been six months! The next time you read this you better have improved on the guitar.

Third, bad news. You dropped Spanish class because there was really no class for your level. At this point, you're back to the basic Spanish speaking skills, but worry not! for there are some good news.

Fourth, good news. Instead of having Spanish class, you had Drama class! Wow. Drama class. I don't even have to write about this one because you'll still most likely remember how you feel about Drama class, but I'll write it anyway just in case. So, Drama class. It was the worst! You hated it! One of the worst!

Fifth, I was joking. You loved Drama class and are taking again for second semester. It's fun. Really fun, somewhere where you can be yourself. You revealed the weird side of you during classes and you didn't care! You were so embarrassed at first but you got over it and had fun. I'm telling you this now. The only thing that you look forward to in school is Drama class. It's the best, and I know you remember it.

Sixth, you found a group that you could hang out with during lunch. You weren't so lonely after all, except in most of your classes. You're fine though, you had no one to talk to but the classes kept you busy enough.

Seventh, around this time (February) you are so nervous and confused. What are you going to do about the AP tests? What are you going to do after high school? I am sad to tell you that you are a little bit depressed at this time (except when you're in Drama class, you're never depressed in there). Still, even with depression around the corner or looking you at the eye, you still manage to smile and laugh from videos and posts. It seems you're only depressed when you're alone and have nothing to do. You'll be okay.

Eighth, final thing, remember that the future awaits you (which should have happened by the time you're reading this). I hope you are more happier than I am now (in the present, though in your case, the past). If, in any case, hopefully not, you are more depressed than I am now (in the present, though in your case, the past), just remember that you love yourself. That the future is waiting for you to do something great. You are bound to do something great, I, we just know it. I really hope you're doing well. Try to cheer up, find the things that makes you happy, even the smallest thing. Here's a secret: you will always, I repeat, always cheer up and be happy when you watch other people in youtube happy and excited. So watch some of those videos if you ever feel down.

Ninth, I lied, sorry. I should consider writing something for the world to see. I've always liked to talk to myself. Maybe I'll put those thoughts down on a paper, or a computer paper sheet. When you see this, I hope you've written a lot of things.

Sam, you can do this. More stress is around the corner (right now) but you'll face it head on, You'll rise up and wipe those stress away like it was nothing! You will battle your depression and you will be happy. Now, when you (the future me) read this, I hope you cry. Not from sadness, but from happiness.


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