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So let's end the beginning of talent dominance in this post. I think we can start on intermediate hatching and its all about patterns I have seen in pet projects and some work arounds if you get stuck. My only warning is if you apply those methods to anything but self hatching you are going to fail and fail miserably. They just don't cross over to group hatching so don't even try.

You all might be asking yourself why does Erin not like groups and group hatching so much when she has been in 4 different groups?

Well, my first thing is I never group hatched in any of the 4 groups I have been part of. I always self hatched in them. Second, when I would hatch with a member for a talent or they wanted a hatch off me. I would run into the same problems most beginner hatchers face. Everything under the sun popped but what was wanted hatching with these people. It drove me crazy that no one practiced talent dominated gene pools but they knew hatching with me would get them whatever it was and fast. I know how to get rid of problem talents but for people without that knowledge you can see how they would get lured into this let's try a group out and get totally frustrated in the process.

I knew there was a better hatching method but was just gobsmacked as to why people don't practice it. There are so many people who don't know much about hatching and get so frustrated. Why not make it easier on us all and use a tried and true method? So whatever frustration we had when we first began we can try and get rid of for new hatchers. Then from there the patterns we notice in our projects could alleviate major stress as well. You have to get the basics though first to process anything else.

We could make new hatchers actually like to hatch. That has always been my goal is to bring people around to just how easy hatching can be if only you notice patterns. You can't learn patterns though from group hatching because your effectively just cloning. I know there is a better way of hatching and its really easy to pick up. I just don't understand why people don't use it when it could alleviate so many bad practices they have been doing for years in hatching.

For instance over the Xmas break I had a friend in game who told me about her problems with getting balance damage. She was using a group; one that I had warned her not to use, they practice zero talent dominance. Most members I know in game will even tell me the pet did not turn out like they would like. She in return was getting nothing but critical and may cast guardian wall. Useless junk basically anything but what she wanted and totally dominate as well will be a pain to clean that pool later.

So I told her hatch with me. The first hatch she got damage. The second hatch she had a triple damage pet. The third hatch she had cloned my pet completely. I seriously don't see how that group passing out bad genes is helping anyone compared to my 3 hatches with a talent dominate pet and now she has quad balance damage. They just wasted her gold and their's and caused really bad sticky talents to pop. So you will never see me go wow I love groups. I only like self hatchers who talent dominate. They make it easy for anyone hatching with them to pick up whatever set and alleviate so much frustration. So that is why I am opposed in general to any group hatching. It causes more problems then it helps.

Love Owl-Ways

P.S. Graduate school starts back up tomorrow and I am not semester but quarter system. Meaning I will be done with this quarter in exactly 10 weeks. So don't expect a lot of blog posts when school is in session. Since its only 10 weeks you can imagine 4 weeks in I am studying for mid-terms for week 5 and week 9 is the week before finals. So any concept I have to learn and learn quickly. So my game time is very little as well as using this site when school is in.

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