Elle The Elephant

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So you know how to make a talent dominated pet and I gave you ideals on O.o 10 talent base pet and a 5 talent mega pet. Let's go into the mechanics of actually making them just in case your not familiar with the process.

1. A 5 talent mega pet.

You use your wc pet and talent dominate 2 talents at a time. Raise your stats to whatever is your liking. So now you have pet A, B and C. Say you want them on something other than a wc pet at this point. I found these wc pets are kinda sticky but there is a solution. When your in the hatchery have equipped the pet you want back and walk into the single hatcher. Put the pet you want back first then your wc pet second. I found doing a lot of these projects it was the simplest way to get back my wanted pet. It works about 75% to 80% of the time for me getting the right pet back.

Now, I hope you had the wanted pet at whatever your desired stats are already. Means the transfer of your talent dominated wc pet will be to that pet about 1-3 hatches. If not except it take whoever long it takes to raise the wanted pets stats for you. Once you have your wanted pet with 2 of your talents manifested and desired stats. Use pet B and hatch it into the desired pet. Trash anything but a desired pet back. Just repeat what you did to get the first desired pet back with those talents on it and repeat again for your third base pet.

At this point its up to you is you want to make 3 adult pets to hatch together to make that mega pet. Two ancient pets to hatch together or 2 epic pets. Whatever your most comfortable doing. Just remember whatever level you choose them at that is your base pet so don't level it to mega on a whime, because if it does fail you would have to go back to the wc base pet and hatch it into the desired pet again which wastes time.

Then you should be very close to making this pet a reality. In intermediate hatching will tell you how to know what your mega talent is so your not just training potential fails.

2. A 10 talent base pet.

You would do the wc process of talent dominating the pet but instead of 3 pets make 5. So your 10 talents are spread across the 5 pets and get them to whatever your desired stats are. If you want to transfer it to another pet and not a wc pet do that. Its totally up to you at this point if its on the wc pet or another pet.

Your next step would be one of the pets at adult manifesting 2 desired talents and hatch the next 2 desired talents into it. This is where that TDAP link comes in you need to know if you have all 4 talents in your offspring or not. So check the TDAP to try and confirm this. Probably the most common mistake reading the TDAP is say using that wc pet you had 3 commons slots, you hatched in defy and proof. Now looking at your new offspring your looking for proof and defy but your find all your commons above your epic and decide that is spell defying. Well from the TDAP we know defy can never be above proof so if you tried training this offspring and hoping for defy to pop you would be very sad indeed. Knowing how to read the TDAP though we would know its a failed pet and could trash it.

So you need to verify you have all 4 talents in this new pet. I would then make a epic version showing all 4 talents manifested before adding in another 2 talents. The great thing about wc pets is for the most part your not adding in lots of commons and uncommons to your project then its very easy to tell if you successfully added another 2 talents in or not. I would then have the epic pet as my new base A. The new adult that is 6 talents in the pool and add another 2 talents and make a second epic pet showing those new 4 talents, it would then become base B. Then using base B add in your last 2 talents. Boom you just made a 10 talent base pet.

The reasons some people make these 10 talent base pets are:
1. They would be happy with any combination of the 10 talents so taking anything to mega makes them happy using that base.

2. They like knowing what is in their pool so no crazy mega manifestations of talents that would ruin a pet to them.

3. They know they can come back later using base A, B or C and take out something they might not want anymore and replace it with whatever talents. Either way they are happy because anything the pet pops they are happy with.

Love Owl-Ways

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