Happy New Year

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So hopefully your gears in your head had time to process talent dominance and you read the other links. Let's take this topic a little farther.

You want to make a 10 talent base pet. You already know the basics so making 5 base pets then hatching them together until you get that 10 talented base seems kinda easy now probably. Were taking the tough out of pet hatching here.

You just want to make your perfect 5 talent pet. You got all the knowledge to self hatch to victory now. Also, as an added perk if you help someone out with your pet later guess what it won't be 5+ hatches to help them get your talents its going to be around 1-3 hatches before your talents pop on them. So you just made someone else's project a little easier. Plus they don't have to worry its a one time pop in their pet. You will know and so will they that whatever the talent is its dominant so it will keep popping for them. You just saved someone how much time? TONS!

Also, ever do a hatch with someone on this great pet and low and behold nothing you want pops. Consider them very lucky they got the pet they did; the genetics were lined up for recessive that "once in a blue moon hatch." It doesn't matter how many times you hatch with them your just going to end up frustrated. You can take that personal bad experience and say "not with me" so now using talent dominance you know when people hatch with you they won't experience that frustration you did.

As you make these talent dominant pets save them somewhere. Now if you go to make something new one day and it happens to use one of those talents or more. You just saved yourself about 15-17 hatches or more. It really is and will always be the smart decision to work on talent dominance in your pets.

I think we have just a few more ideals I can give you on the basics then we can move into intermediate hatching. As always if your kinda confused shoot me a vm/pm or reply to the blog.

Love Owl-Ways

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