The Proof Is In The Pudding

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Just in case your keeping up with this blog series. I am going to let you in on a little secret all this talent dominance stuff I have been talking about to make pets easy, well the guides on it have been out there for years. Very few make use of the importance but I feel unless you understand this basic concept you will never really understand the middle and advanced hatching. So let's take a moment to link all the guides I could find on talent dominance and maybe that person's explanation will make a little more sense if mine did not the first time around.

You know in genetics its Watson, Crick and Franklin who were forerunners these are our pet forerunners.

1. Drake made a great guide for beginners on mistakes not to make and basic hatching knowledge.


2. Ellie Cat was one of the first with Punky Max to show omg patterns were emerging in their projects which led to talent dominance being found.


3. Punky max's take on talent dominance. Probably the first person to connect the dots and go wow this is like genetics I am seeing dominance, recessive, and dominant recessive traits.


4. Sophia SpellForge showed time and time again in her threads talent dominance in action. The only person I know who made the connection with wc pets not having pre-set abilities and showing a better hatch method using talent dominance from there.




*Note: Check her blogs as well it is a treasure trove of pet information.*

5. Ultra showed talent dominance in action as well.


6. We have Milt and TDAP (Talent Derby Ability Project), just pay attention to post 6 to 8 if your new. It tells you what order the talents will lay. For example spell proof will always be above spell defying, helps making reading your pools easier.


So that guide everyone wants on how to make pets easy is all here rofl. If only everyone used that information to begin with they would see why self hatching really is the way to go.

I will finish Peanut Butter Cookies Are My Weakness before we proceed with more discussion but maybe this will get your get those gears turning seeing me do it in pictures and reading the guides just in case you did not get the concept in one go you have lots of sources now to look at and time to process it all.


Love Owl-Ways

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