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Zombies.... yes, I'm bringing it back.

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I feel like I'm late to the party, but i just got my first taste of Exo-Zombies from Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare. I've already played Black Ops III MP and Zombies (Impressed a friend by making a three-point jump with a double-kill on a low level SMG on TDM), plus it's Treyarch. Convoluted Easter Egg, vaguely tying in something from the last game, and tying in something to add to the later DLCs, with special weapons somewhere to grab.

Anyway, Exo-Zombies feels a lot smoother. It definitely isn't Treyarch, but Sledgehammer did a really nice job trying to take what Treyarch started as a tradition in their Call of Duty games and repeating that, with a little extra of their own. To me, it really feels more fluid, especially with the constant back-and-forth talk between characters, and not the here-and-there comments when you crawlerize someone, when you get a headshot, when you double-kill, and so on and so forth. My only complaint is the audio feels a little too soft, compared to the Treyarch games.

But, that's not the purpose of this post. The real purpose... is zombies.

Zombies are an actual thing that can happen now. Brain parasites do exist, like there's a fungus that kills an ant and takes over its body. Using the ant as a host, the parasite crawls to a high place, sits there until the body dies from hunger, and a mushroom grows from its head. It releases a nasty spore that works as an insecticide in a similar way.

Now imagine that, except human size- As in, if we were to consume about 1700 times the amount, could we be infected? That said, there exist other parasitic creatures and fungi that could hijack a human body. I'm not talking about conspiracy theories, like how "Fluoride in our water makes us a more obedient population." If you knew me, you'd know I'm not always obedient towards the local government... Freerunning takes you places. The skills would help with a zombie apocalypse, but I digress.

Given that, there are a number of other ways zombies could become a thing. I just wonder how we're gonna get out.

There is such a thing as zombie protocol now with the CDC here in the U.S., apparently. I don't like it. Even though it's a zombie-preparedness thing, I don't like it. Something tells me they're gonna mobilize the National Guard, and start rounding up people who aren't infected like in every zombie series where this kinda thing happens, and keep all the living in one area. Herd immunity is a good thing when you have vaccinations, that's true. But for a virus that's airborne, and (if it's anything like the walking dead) everyone's infected? The zombie bite is lethal. We just have to avoid dying, and we're good. But if anyone dies, then it's all gonna go downhill.

I have my ideas, and I'll probably elaborate on them later. Most of them revolve around open fields with cabins in the middle, and building a community that's fairly spread out, but close enough together that we can all get to each other, in case of an emergency.

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