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Okay, I've had a personal project that's been going since October. I've referred to it as Empathica, but it's a working title. The plot circles around the Legendary Rose of the Trisphere (OC world) being called to a moon to find out what was calling them, suspected to be Taryn's dead twin brother, Eli Roberts. Kinda goes down the drain really quickly, though.

It's also my first ever story NOT to be set in one point of view. I've circled between thirteen people to try and get a piece of every bit. Everyone's point of view is different, and even though it jumps around a lot, I think that it's been a really cool thing to try and work with. Everyone sees the same thing differently, not one point of view is the same. So why not go between the views of say... the paranoid, the overconfident, the victim, and the one who's always bored? It's a cool thing to play around with.

I do have to thank @winterborn and @The Lone Ninja Escapist, as well as a major mentor, a teacher, and one of my closest IRL friends for helping to review and edit it. I may put this out, as soon as the final proofread is done, to submit this to a publisher in hopes I can make some money off a novella or something of the like. There will be some definite changes to it so it can go through without a hitch, but other than that it's a work that I'm rather proud of- My first ever full story to ever come to a definite close.

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