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So let's continue looking at talent dominance and apply it to a hatch thread on central, group hatching setting and a self hatching setting.

So for the beginning you know your bringing 10 talents and whoever you hatch with brings 10 talents. You may have some talents in common you may not. That is a possible 20 talents that the game will randomly pick from to create your new egg. Kinda crazy huh?

1. Threads on central

They can be a great tool but a nightmare as well. The upside is you do the hatch and bam by adult you got two talents you wanted. Consider that a good thing and a ticking time bomb. What if they had a recessive or better yet a dominant recessive gene in the pool? Well your back at square one aren't you once that recessive or dominant recessive starts to pop.

The downside to threads on central is after that hatch nothing popped that you wanted. More often than not this will be your normal scenario with hatch threads because most do not dominant their talents from the get go; so guess who your asking now for more and more hatches? I would only advise trying at most 2 or 3 hatches to get a talent you want from that person. If it doesn't pop, say to yourself right then and there "They did not dominant the pool so I need to move on. Just going to waste my time if I stay with whoever."

What if its a one time hatch thread? If you get anything but a talent you want you might just have a really cruddy base or they are very very lucky to have a nice pet because anytime they hatch it to someone nothing the person wants start to pop. They did not dominant the talents.

2. Group Hatching

So you find yourself asking a group to hatch, or your in one yourself. First ask yourself is every pet they make 100% perfect in their eyes? If no, it was going great but it kinda ends with something they did not want. Your probably going to get the same kind of pets back yourself. If you desire less then perfection great! If you want all 5 talents you want, Don't work with them!

Now take into account you have 10 talents, they bring 10 talents, you hatch with others among the group they bring in 10 talents and so on and so forth. Your potentially polluting your pool. The pets also may be so similar that your ok as well. Just you need to remember anything you bring in adds a new set variables to work with and talents you might not want working into your pet genes. Start asking what is in their genes and know your own gene pool. Say you have 7 really great talents and you ask before you hatch what is in your pool? The person happens to have pips o plenty. Unless you want that popping in your dream pet you need to weigh the risks in your head should I hatch and add a very bad talent and it happens to be dominant the second it pops ruining further hatches? If your new to pets your answer should be no thanks, if your a very experienced hatcher then its up to you.

If your new to hatching anytime those O.o the talents aren't popping or it was going great then bam may cast guardian walls pops. You need to approach hatching smarter, ask questions about their genes before hatches. Ask if every pet they have in that group is 100% perfect. If you notice some talent popping you don't want over and over again, well hey buddy you just got yourself a dominant recessive gene. They are probably not the place you want to start out at because you don't have the knowledge to clean out that bad pool. Look elsewhere.

3. Self Hatching

This is by far the easiest method around but not many do it. So you start your project and maybe you need help getting 1 or 2 talents you make a wanted to mix thread or ask a friend to help. You get your talents and now the rest of the project is completely and entirely up to you to make. If you don't dominant your talents from the out set guess who is going past 50-60 hatches? You!

The upside of self hatching though is you know your pool 100%, if you dominated it and everyone should. You know what should be popping and can watch for patterns in your pet to lessen the project time. Any stumbles and road blocks you might hit, its you hatching and if you can figure it out how to get past that to make that dream pet. You just gained knowledge most hatchers today don't have. So you have a leg up knowledge wise, its a win win for yourself.

In another post will go into how to dominate your pools. Just trying to get all the basics I can think of out first before we dive into the really juicy stuff. If you have any suggestions for basics I did not cover shoot me a vm or pm or comment below.

Love Owl-Ways

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  1. KingNothing's Avatar
    Sweet. Looking forward to that blog on dominance. I think it may be the thing I'm missing.