Why I Love Flamingos

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So let's talk talent dominance in base pets.

First you need a small understanding of genetics:

1. What is talent dominance?

Like in all organisms we have some traits/genes that are more likely to pop. Its the same in pets. For example any one who ever had pips o plenty pop can tell you for lots of generations to come that talent haunted them. It was dominant.

2. What is talent recessive?

Ever hatch a pet and some talent you did not even know was in your pool pops? Its called recessive, it kinda sits in the background and doesn't do much but once in a long while the pet genes align and it pops.

3. Dominant recessive what is it?

This is when you hatch a pet and instead of the the manifested talents popping on the offspring you get over and over again a talent that is not manifested showing.

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So with this knowledge we have three scenarios in pet hatching.

1. You hatch a base pet with manifested talents and it starts to get those talents. It is talent dominant, which we all want to strive for.

2. You hatch a base with manifested talents and it starts to get something you don't want popping, but it also gets something you do want. It is most likely recessive and unless its a really sticky talent will stop popping soon.

The flip side of recessive traits in your pet is one you may unknowingly reinforce that talent and bam you just became dominant recessive. The best thing to do if you ever find a recessive gene delete that offspring. Do not use any offspring from that bad egg ever delete them as well. Your going to find it popping at epic and mega 10 to 20 generations later and ruining your project if you based any hatches off of it.

3. You fall into most rant threads on this site about hatching over 80 times and the same stinking talent popped and never anything you wanted. You got a dominant recessive gene. You might as well throw out that base pet. Your only going to waste gold, energy, snacks and patience.

Love Owl-Ways

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