I Hate Math

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So next topic is people love to ask:

1. What are maxed stats?
It just means strength, intellect, agility, will and power are as high as the game allows. Which happens to be 255, 250, 260, 260, 250.

2. What is this word clean pool mean?
Its means to that person their pets pool is clean of undesirable talents. As you can guess many people can have a different view on what is clean and what is not, so one person's clean pool is another's dirty pool.

3. What are base pets?
​Base pets are usually only adult or ancient and have talents someone wants for a pet project. The problem with some people's base pets is they are not base pets. For example you have a pet with proof and defy manifested and you call it your base. Every time you try hatching it you get something other than proof or defy popping by adult. That is not a base pet because you should get desired talents popping not other ones.

A real base pet within 2 to 3 hatches will get you desired talents popping. So if you ever call a pet your base and go hatching and nothing you want is popping in 2 to 3 hatches, its not a base. You ran into a talent dominance situation. Will talk about that in another post.

Love Owl-Ways

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