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When Nerds Attack

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I decided to make a blog series with general pet advice. It might just be notes to myself about a pattern I saw while developing a project to the general basics and up.

So start off let's do some basics that people are always asking about:

1. What does pedigree mean?
Look at your pet and count all the dots for epic, ultra-rare, rare, common, uncommon for your derby side and talent side then add 20 (you add one for every slot (10) on talents and 10 for all derby slots) and bam that mysterious number makes sense now.

2. What is that number next to my pedigree (example 64(31))?
That means add up the dots only on your manifested talents and derby ones. If you only have a teen pet add 2 to the figure and it will be that number in the bracket. If your adult add 4, ancient add 6, epic add 8 and mega add 10.

3. When can I hatch a pet?
It needs to be at least adult, then walk to the hatchery and jump in the hatcher and it will tell you how much gold you need to hatch it with another adult or higher pet.

Well that is all for the day, just wanted to say without a very kind friend in game taking me under his wing I would have never learned a thing about pets. He will always have my thanks.

Love Owl-Ways


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    I learned something today.