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Ideas for Future KI Games

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[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]If Kingsisle were to release another game in the next [insert number here] years. I think it should include different things that weren't released as soon as they could have been.

[I'm not posting in this in the actual forum section because certain updates are already happening and it's not an issue at the moment]

1. Design a skill tree. When new stats are increased or decreased with a nerf there will be consistencies for all levels.
2. Figure out where players are getting their basic stats from first before introducing pet and mount stats.
3. Figure out what stats are feasible for said mounts/pets.
4. Generate more custom looks before including them as boss drops.
5. Give different looks to various street monsters other than color. Like gender or color. Keep the theme the same just change the monsters.
6. Improve the graphic quality throughout all areas.
7. Design a flawed main character when conversing with NPCs that way characters can have a different set of opinions and influence different chats with NPCs.
8. Include a buy back option from shop vendors

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