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Missing Halloween

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[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]As much as I like Halloween in this game, I can't believe I missed the entire month in game. I wanted to come back but I feel so out of the loop from the friends I had a year back. I don't feel wanted in game and I certainly wanted to try something back in October to feel like a member to the community.

Holiday events come and go all to fast. The real world takes away more than anyone realizes. I want to enjoy this game like I did long ago but I can't. I don't know when I will have time to come back to a game that used to remove the hardships of the real world and put me in a place that I could believe in. I wanted to try to enjoy Halloween events in 4 different games including Wizard101 but the holidays don't last.

In some ways I miss this game. I wish boss battles were consistent with how they used to be. I miss the original style of this game. The challenges are nice but when playing alone these days it feels even lonelier than it ought to. Kingsisle is trying to get players to form parties but soloing is what we got used to because regardless we all wanted to achieve something on our own for the first time. How does a game company except the antisocial or introverted people to create a party when they can barely communicate or not want to communicate with other people around them?

I wish I played more in October to feel less out of the loop. I wish Halloween came twice a year that way people can enjoy the things they missed the first time around. I wish Easter wasn't a thing in this game and transformed it into a second Halloween. I know I'm wishing too much and I'm sorry to all my friends who wanted to get in touch with me this year in this virtual reality.

Maybe one day my life will be in order and I can appreciate the little things of this game like I used to. I'm sorry everyone. I have to rebuild my barriers all over again. And I really was hopefully at the start of October to do everything on my characters. I hope you all can forgive me for believing time was on my side.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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