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Halloween Fun After the Dentist

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[SIZE=4][FONT=century gothic]I should have posted this yesterday but I forgot....

So yesterday, October 6, 2015, @[I][B][URL=""]LoneWiz[/URL][/B][/I] joined me for some fun the Halloween tower dungeon, Mordecai and Lord NightShade. It was a blast. I got a lot of Goat Cheese and various hats. The focus is to find time to join him again this week or next week for the Halloween events before time runs out.[/FONT][/SIZE]

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  1. FamilyWiz's Avatar
    I didn't know you had a blog! Observant, aren't I?

    This week, as you know, has been insane for me. Life is definitely in fast forward at present but, I swear, we'll get that last dungeon and our little zombie pets soon. Hopefully, in the next few days. I'll send you a note to work out when we're both free next to pick up more . (Not real sure what we have left gives those tc's but, man, it's cute so I did.)