senior year

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kinda felt like writing a little tonight so we'll see how this goes.
last time i blogged i believe it was a couple months before school started back up again and i've been extremely busy. i'm pretty sure most people here are probably way younger than me cause i started playing wiz about 7 years ago when i was 14, so obviously i'm now in college. this is my senior year and it's been really nice so far?

this semester i've already gotten a lot of my gen eds out of the way so most of my classes are art related. i'm taking my graphic design II class which is basically the last print-related class until our portfolio one; the rest of the higher level courses are like.. 3d graphics, interactive design, whatever else. it's seriously kicking my butt, though.
we started off with just an exercise project and it was y'know, an intro kinda thing. it took like 2 class periods? since then we're about 3 weeks into a huge project and i've been working around the clock on it for the most part. i've also spent like 100$+ just on supplies and mock-ups.
like people who think designers are just a bunch of button pushers have another thing coming. it's also lame cause now cause wherever i go i don't just see ads, i see the exact font they used, how the contrast stinks, whatever else. i can't visually enjoy anything anymore cause now i know how it's produced.
anyways, the project we're doing is a rebrand + reposition of existing companies. i ended up getting a bridal store, so it's been fun. totally not my style but i think i've been doing a good job so far. all of our drafts are due next week, which includes an ID package (business card, letterhead, envelope), a 3 part ad campaign, packaging (so like bags, labels, whatever), and a promotional item(s). other than that my other classes are pretty chill. i'm also taking a 3d graphics class which works with cinema 4d and after effects. i'm not a huge fan of 3d modeling but it's nice to have it as a skill. also adobe is cool as heck and gave everyone on our campus free subscriptions to the adobe creative cloud so i've been playing around in some other programs other than just photoshop, illustrator, and indesign.

other than class stuff, i'm way excited for speakers this year. our uni does a 3-time weekly.. idk what to call it. it's a convocation thing where we worship and then have a speaker come and talk. so far we've had people like david crowder, sadie and her mom from duck dynasty, bernie sanders (which was interesting), and sean astin (the guy who plays sam in lotr). i believe ben carson is supposed to come and speak as well some time in november.

BUT YOOO. ok so we have like 2 breaks in the fall semester? one is fall break which is really just an extended weekend and the other is thanksgiving break which i think is most people's 'fall break'. that's the one that's like a week long. so our fall break starts next week and i'm going to this huge design conference in new orleans and i'm so nervous/really pumped. i'm leaving for home tuesday and catching a flight that will take me to texas and then new orleans. but the conference is all weekend long, from like 7:30 in the morning to way late at night and saturday night they're ending it with a big party. like i'm really excited i'm going but i hate flying. it makes me more nervous that i have connecting flights and i'm by myself. but the conference is like the comic-con for designers basically. i wanna say there's 7 students from my uni going plus some graduate students and professors so once i'm there i'll have company, but i've never really traveled far by myself. i went to germany earlier this year but a lot of our group was on the same plane as me. idk i'm like way excited. gonna spend a lot of money while i'm there, hah.

other than that not much as happened. i started an animal crossing blog on tumblr cause that game is bae and i reached like 1.6k followers which is chill. i wish i had more time for gaming, though, schoolwork has been sucking all the life out of me.

anyways, bit of a ramble but whatever. i hope everyone has a good weekend and for anyone in the hurricane zone, stay safe!

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