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Life Got in the Way of Gaming

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Last week was midterms! Yay they would be over by now but life slapped me in the face. On September 8th I got my wisdom teeth removed. Friday, September 25th I went to the dentist because my lower right side was swelling. The gum grew over the adjoining tooth and my mouth became infected. Around 1 PM on Friday I fainted in the kitchen and I was rushed to the ER. Through a CT Scan they found an infected pocket in my mouth. After several hours they released me from the hospital.

Then on Monday I had my surgery to flush out the infection. After 48 hours of intense pain and sleep deprivation, I was able to go to class like a normal human being. My English professor was so awesome she let me retake my midterm exam. So I'm going to resume the blog as normal with my wizard's activities.

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  1. Amethyste's Avatar
    Oh geez That sounds like a rough time. Good to see you're back on your feet now!
  2. Gothgirl's Avatar
    Haha thanks Amethyste it's good to be back. And as an update my swelling reduced today. I finished my midterm this morning and I hope for good marks on it despite being on a ton of medication. Also I missed two essays this week... well I can turn one in late for half credit and the other I have an extension on. Life is challenging but it's working out.
  3. Gothgirl's Avatar
    So, I went in yesterday and the infection site can be infected again. Yay I'm not safe from infection. Here's to getting back into gaming and wrapping up all my notetaking this weekend as planned.