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Beautiful Chaos

Jason LifeSong - Day 11

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I'm so emotional I need to let it out the best way I can and I'm taking a break from my essay draft. I can't focus I'm in complete disarray. I should be in control and I'm not. I'm picking this wizard because he has plenty of side quests to complete.

I have to harvest all the seeds on all the wizards for the first time in a long time. I want to apologize to everyone that has read my latest story in the forum section because I haven't posted the second chapter yet. I'm trying to focus on several goals at once. I've done a lot of apologizing to myself today and I'm ashamed I'm apologizing for something as stupid as a thread in this blog post.

Jason is starting Cyclops Lane for the first time and I'm just hoping I can plow through this as fast as I can. Wizard City is usually the fastest area to complete but it's becoming a real challenge with monsters not dropping quest related items.

My question today is what song do you have to listen to at least once a day or what song do you have on repeat all day? Post in the comment section below.

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