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Valerian SeaSong - Day 6

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With one of the special Wizard Anniversary events going on, I took Valerian to defeat Spellwrit Screamers. I got some interesting treasure cards and other gear drops from them. While fighting monsters on Triton Avenue, someone named Jasmine, a level 21 Ice Wizard showed and offered up help. I sadly enough defeated the monster right as she asked even though it's easier to fight them with more than one person to gather up more monsters.

I play on the Scarecrow Realm and I feel like I have run into Central members in the Commons on all my characters, however I haven't been stopped by many. Here's to hoping I can gain more Central friends with these events.

It has also dawned on me, Sabrina GreenStar in the Fairgrounds has school related shields... As you can see Central members I am still a noob even with a character in the mid-nineties.

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