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Valerian SeaSong - Day 4

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This is exciting news, I'm working on my Halloween costumes early on all my wizards. As the semester wears on I won't have enough time to do anything until last minute for all my characters. Before I go onto explain my Halloween costume ideas for my wizards I shall introduce... [insert drum roll here]

Valerian SeaSong!

This is my new and improved Storm Wizard. He is currently level 5. I have finished up Unicorn Way and then it will be time for Golem Tower! In one of my latest forum topics I shared how exciting it used to be to receive Treasure Cards, the ones during the Beta test days were so much better than now, but I'm going to use them anyway. I have also found a few storm pets floating around in the various wizard houses. The next step will be to generate better ones with the help of other forum users. I haven't decided anything on what my wizards will do but for now I best explain the rest of the days events.

My Halloween costumes are as follows (and regardless of the stat-less gear it will be worn until Halloween). I don't have a full ride membership to quest like normal. However that doesn't interfere with my gardening or my pets.

And here are the costume ideas as follows: (I should probably mention I don't care if anyone copies my ideas.)

Valerian SeaSong has his clothes dyed like that of Harley Quinn. I know he's a dude and Harley Quinn is a girl but I have better ideas for the females. However he's the only one with the Jesters Motley with actual stats.

Kieran MoonStone will be a skeleton king. I know it's so cliche for everyone to have the skeleton mask but I can't figure out what I should do to a character with long blue hair instead of spiky hair or else he could pull of a super seiyan god or something.

Jason LifeSong will be Zorro from One Piece....
I know I'm really pushing the limits here with my geek side.

The female characters: Andrea, Rylee and Rowan are going to have the hardest time. I think one of them will be a cheerleader, the other might be a princess and who knows what I'll do with that last one.

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