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Kieran MoonStone - Day 2

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I eventually completed Golem Tower, it took 3 tries but I eventually got a rhythm down. Today I unlocked the Pet Pavilion (as if this doesn't happen to everyone). I maxed out my Desert Beasts's Strength attributes. He is an adult Desert Beast named King Samson. His current abilities include Balance Ward and Dogged (a selfish talent). He needs work but my character is level 8. I just need something for now regardless of the stats. I am wrapping up Triton Avenue side quests, and moving onto FireCat Alley. As a refresher for everyone I'm a crowns player. I will be posting screenshots soon.

I'm playing on the Scarecrow Realm to avoid people in case anyone was wondering about that. I talked to Arthur Weathersfield for another school related quest, I talked to the representatives and lo and behold a seraph appears in the lake in The Commons (OMG I've never seen that before...). I am a sarcastic person some days and that I can do remember after playing for so many years. I hope I don't bore my readers with my sarcasm.

This evening, my noob got away with adding a level 100 Death Wizard by the name of Kimberly Wildblood. If anyone happens to know her, please say something lol. I would feel bad running into people and not knowing who they are especially on a weak wizard like Kieran.
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