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But can I change the name later though.


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This is the, ah, 3rd draft now. lol
My previous blog entries were all scrapped; having been deemed too personal for my taste. They were somewhat funny me at least. Can't quite get past my reservations against "dairies" and the sort. I detest leaving myself so vulnerable. But Imma try.

ANYWAYS! I'd like to remind myself and whoever happens to read this that this is my blog. (No duh.) There will be lapses in grammar and spelling. Don't judge me too badly when my inner ratchet seeps through. ;-; Also, I can't stay on the same train of thought. And I talk to myself. Shh.

Aight. I'd like to begin by giving myself a round of applause. Cause I deserve it! I managed to attain Warlord with only 5 loses. ;D Which is a first for me and means I'm not a total scrub. I can say I wasn't leeching off my partnahs skill in 2v2. No getting carried all the way to "Overlord". So, yay me!

And so, with 9,000 tickets to spare, I purchased the Arena Balance Armament. I was lucky enough to get a hatch with silverfamgs' 2.0 Deer. God bless. Only 10 points off from the new max. My first self hatch raised the pet by 5 points, then 2. But I've hatched like 5 more times without success. ;( YO. I have like, NO patience. lol I used reset after reset elixir. Imma burn through my crowns in no time. The struggle fam. The struggle.

Lately, a lot of my friends seem to either be leaving soon or playing less frequently. Which is saddening. I had the idea to take a picture of our wizards together and putting them in a scrapbook. Bought on a whim couple months ago and it's been gathering dust. (Finally got that ink tho. Stuff is expensive.) Think whatever you like. lolol The people I've met on wiz mean more to me than any "friends" I had irl.

But yeah. College! August 24th. Am I finally getting my life together!? I got a part-time job on the weekends, going to school, got a fitness class, an art class, gonna take a driving course... Yasss, gurl. I kinda wanted to take cosmetology, digital art or cross-fitness (whatever that is) but my bummy self waited too long. Now the classes are full. RIP. ;//
I have no desire to be a make-up artist or whatnot, I just don't want to keep going around looking like a hobo. Ya know, just wearing some shirt and pants and going out the door. Like, hello? Put some more effort. lol Only I have no frigging idea how!

And I never have energy for anything because I'm a Couch Potato. Which is where the fitness class comes in. ;D For a while last year, I went to the gym a couple times a week and I felt AMAZING. Not at first. My body needed breaking into. (The following days were so painful. lol) But worth it! Like I said before though. I was too late for Cross-Fitness so I got Strength Training I. Is that weightlifting? o.o My life goal isn't to be a muscle woman. Oh well. Iono, I briefly had the idea to join the Navy last year. Still a possibility so being fit will be one less excuse for me to not join.

And that concludes entry one. Better post before I change my mind. Might be fun to look back on my ramblings. But I'll be real, I'm probably gonna be too embarrassed.


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