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No one is probably reading this but...

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I am bored.

It's been three years since I last posted and that's a lot of time. I just read some of my entries and I got to admit that it made me cry a little inside.

Three years ago, I was starting freshmen and now, three years later from three years ago, I am about to start the senior year. My, how time passes by. Anyway, I just want to post another entry for this blog, but since no one would probably read this, it won't matter. Actually, maybe it will. The future me might go back and read my blog entries and at least there's this short entry three years apart from the last one. How exciting is this?! It's like a time capsule except it's on the internet... and it's just letters and words. Ah, here, let me pour my heart out and I will write what's happening now for my future me to read.

First, I feel like I should have practiced more on playing the guitar since my level is still somewhere between the amateur and intermediate. That's three years, man, three years.

Second, I feel like I should have spoken and listened to more Spanish. I have to admit that my Spanish vocabulary have expanded but the thing is, I can't really understand and speak it very well. I can write it just fine, though.

Third, you just got your first real job about a month ago. While it is not the best job, I feel lucky to have gotten it anyway. The people are all so nice to me and have I gotten something else, like a retail store or a restaurant, I might just have quit the job; perhaps due to bad customer attitude.

Fourth, as you may have read already, I am going to be a senior this fall. The thing is... our friend Jamie have moved houses and he is at least 45 minutes away from where our school is. So this fall, I am expecting that I won't have a friend that would constantly talk to me and someone to hang out with during lunch and after school. Also, I am taking AP Government and AP Biology. What am I thinking taking AP Government like that?! I never had any interest in the government or history, so why?!

Fifth, I feel that I should do more with my life. You know? Rather than just sitting here playing games or watching anime, I should go walk around the area or maybe hang out with friends.

That's all what I have to say for the future me. If someone else besides the future me is reading this, thank you for reading this and now you know what my life is like from the things that I just wrote. Good night, everyone.

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  1. Myrna's Avatar
    Well good luck on starting your senior year. A lot of people don't make it that far, so you should be happy about that. I hope you have a good year and I bet there is some kid out there who is upset they are starting senior year at a new school... so you could make some new friends
  2. zivathebeasta's Avatar
    I am reading this and thinking to myself, "if only I would have thought of these things when I was your age! I am half a century young, and wish I would have kept up with the things that I love. Granted my bestest bestie in high school left me a year early for me to deal with my senior year alone, we are still connected at the hip even though she is over 6 hours away. What is a few months away from a friend when that friendship will last forever?

    Forever, such a strong word isn't it? My advice is, do what you love, be true to yourself and the ones you love, take some chances when you are young and always be honorable. You have to live with yourself and it doesn't matter what others say and think.

    So pick up that guitar whether you become a master of it or not, brush up on that spanish, it could take you places you never dreamed of and, well, government, learn the highlights to use in conversations you may have in the future. And your friend will always be your friend if it true.

    Forever starts now and is only over when you are no longer inhabiting this world when a new forever starts.

    This is not a message to make you upset. You seem like an a person who is self inspired and I just wanted to help keep you motivated.

    Maria Mythmender